“…You’re The Calmest Person I Know…”
comment from former pupil’s Katie Pritchard and Beulah Estrada

  • You Will Be Taught To ‘DRIVE’, not merely Pass Your Driving Test! – as there’s much more to driving than just passing the test. So that passing your test becomes just a formality…not an ordeal!
  • You will experience my very real passion for driving over many years, together with my wide knowledge and experience of driving skills necessary to turn you into a safe, competent and confident driver.
  • You will discover that I have a real sense of enjoyment and fulfillment of seeing my pupils develop their driving skills from the very first driving lesson all the way through to gaining that Full driving licence as a very safe and competent, knowledgeable driver.
  • You will also benefit from my personal experience of having driven all over the UK as well as the USA and European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.
  • I moved from Cornwall (Boscastle) to London where I originally trained to become a driving instructor and worked for several different driving schools before setting up my own multiple-car driving school. I have also taught in Devon, Cornwall and Belfast. I have trained people to become driving instructors, teach Advanced Driving, I used to race Ford Mexico’s at Brands Hatch and then went on to teach skid-control to motor racing students, the London Ambulance service and Metropolitan Police.

You will be taught many aspects of driving that even experienced fully qualified drivers were not even aware of.

By the time you have passed your driving test you will be much more knowledgeable and skillful than the one who has only been taught to ‘pass the driving test’.