Q: What do I need before starting my driving lessons or booking lessons with an instructor?

Currently in the UK you have to be 17 years of age to obtain a provisional licence to drive a car or ride a motorcycle – unless in receipt of a full disability allowance, when you can obtain a provisional licence at the age of 16 years. You must be in possession of a provisional driving licence before you will be able to drive on a public road. You can obtain a licence application form D750 from any main post office. Now that the paper counterpart of your driving licence is no longer valid, you will need to visit this website: https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence and give the provisional driving licence access code to your instructor on your first driving lesson.

Q: Can I start driving lessons before passing my Theory Test?

Yes, you can, and it is advisable that you should, as the practical experience will help you understand the questions and answers contained in the Theory Test. Likewise what you study for the theory test will also be very helpful in your practical lessons. You cannot even apply for the Practical Test until you have already passed the Theory Test. You will need to quote the Theory Test pass certificate number when booking your Practical Test.

Q: How many driving lessons will I need?

There is no minimum or maximum amount. It will be largely dependent on your own aptitude and personal rate of learning ability. This is where taking professional training from a DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Approved Driving Instructor is the best course of action, particularly if you have little or no previous experience of driving. Those who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 45 hours of professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice. Learners who prepare this way, with a combination of plenty of professional training and plenty of practice, do better in the test. Although everyone is different and you may well take less lessons than the ‘average’, it is recommended that you budget for at least 2 hours/lessons each week. By keeping your lessons frequent, you will retain more of what you learnt on your previous lesson, and ultimately will probably take less lessons than those with similar ability who only take 1 lesson per week.

Q: What should I look for in a driving instructor or driving school?

Firstly you should ensure that your instructor is fully qualified, and preferably very experienced, as this means that your instructor has come across and has an easy solution to any problems you may encounter. The instructors ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) licence should be displayed in the lefthand corner of the windscreen next to the road tax disc. If it is green your instructor is Fully qualified, if it is pink your instructor is a trainee – rather like an apprentice – and not yet taken their final exams.

Q: Your lessons seem a bit expensive, I know some of the other local instructors charge less?

Firstly you should ask yourself ‘Why do they charge less’? Perhaps they are not so confident in their own teaching abilities, experienced in teaching, patient, tolerant or friendly. They may let their pupils down and cancel lessons at the last moment or worse, fail to contact them in such an event. Perhaps they are struggling to find pupils to fill their diary and not getting recommendations from others. Possibly their pupils are leaving them and moving to other instructors before passing their driving test. They may string the lessons out for as long as possible and/or not ensure that progress is being made on EACH and EVERY driving lesson. When enquiring about available times this week or next, can they accomodate any time you ask? If so, it would suggest that maybe they are not very busy. Many years ago a very wise small businessman once said to me – ‘Your’s must be about the only business that thrives on losing customers’. This is the premis I have worked on ever since. I want to get you up to a safe and confident level of confidence and competence in your shortest time. I am very confident in my ability, and will probably save you money over your period of learning up until you pass your driving test. Because overall with me, you will probably take fewer driving lessons. I will not let you down at the last moment and in the very rare event of any delay I will ALWAYS call you before the appointment time. I am very Professional and friendly and due to my vast and varied experience I can show you much SIMPLER and EASY methods to master any of the manoeuvres in the SHORTEST time. My diary is always very full – except when I have had a succession of pupils passing their tests, but even then I almost immediately receive recommendations from their friends, family or colleagues. I ensure that progress is made on EACH and EVERY driving lesson to ensure that you reach a SAFE, COMPETENT and very importantly, CONFIDENT standard of driving ability to enable you to sit and pass your driving test in the shortest time according to your confidence and ability. This way, I am ALWAYS very busy, which is why I charge a premium for my services. I am very confident that I can teach you in a much quicker and efficient time than most of the ‘cheaper’ driving schools. So overall you will have taken fewer lessons with me, and thus saved more money compared to taking more lessons at a lower lesson rate driving school.

Q: My last instructor used to shout at me and get irritated and angry when I made the slightest mistake. Will you get angry with me too?

I am very patient and very calm. I do not rant and rave, for the simple reason that I believe that none of my students make any mistakes on purpose. If you do make a mistake, I consider that you have either not quite understood what is required – so I will re-phrase the instructions – or that you have not yet mastered the required or necessary technique, which probably means that we need more practise in that particular skill.

Q: How much teaching experience have you had?

I have been teaching since August 1974 – I was very young when I started – which is over 40 years. Because of my vast experience I have devised several very simple methods to overcome not only common problems which concern most learner drivers, but also the less common problems too. (Check out ‘Testimonials’) I spent the first 8 years working for various driving schools in London, Plymouth, Cornwall and Belfast. I have spent over 31 years operating my own driving school, including my own multi-car school in London. Besides teaching learner drivers on public roads, I have also taught pre-17′s off-road on specially constructed driving areas. I also have vast experience in Advanced driving tuition, Company Driver assessment, Skid-Control to Motor-Racing students (I used to race saloon cars at Brands Hatch) the Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance service, including anti-hi-jack techniques to American Embassy staff, Karting to race standard (in his final year my son came 4th in the British Indoor Karting Championship just before graduating to outdoor karting), I.A.M (Institute of Advanced Motorists) groups, off-road 4×4 in the Mercedes M Class, Toyota Landcruisers and Rav4′s.

Q: Do you only teach learner drivers or provisional licence holders?

No. Besides learner drivers, I teach full licence holders too. Every year I teach between 8-15 ‘qualified’ drivers who may not have driven for a few years and are in need of Refresher lessons. I can also prepare those who want to take an Advanced driving test such as the Institute of Advanced Motorist advanced driving test.

Q: Can I take driving lessons in my own car?

I would want to take you for your first lesson in my driving school car to Assess your current ability and level of driving you have reached. If this proves satisfactory, then lessons in your own car is fine. We would ask that you provide a secondary instructors rear view interior mirror – available from most motor accessory shops for around £5 – and that your car is in a legal and roadworthy condition. You will need to confirm with your insurance company that your car will be covered for driving tuition, and if necessary the driving test too.

Q: What sort of car do you use?

We use a modern (63 Reg) Toyota Yaris 1.33 VVT-I TR. This is fitted with dual-controls and instructors mirrors so that we can see what is happening behind as well. The Toyota Yaris is a small car and as such is easy to manoeuvre, particularly when carrying out the Turn-in-the-Road, Reversing and Parking manoeuvres. This particular car is fitted with air-conditioning (to help keep you cool) – with pollen filter, electronic power-steering (at slow speeds – particularly during manoeuvres – the steering gets lighter and thus easier to use. At higher speeds it reverts back to normal so that it doesn’t then feel too light), it also has a rear-facing camera so that as you select reverse gear a picture of what is behind you shows up on the dash panel. It has ample seat adjustment forward and back, as well seat height adjustment too providing you with very clear all-round visibilty because of the larger windows, which also is very helpful when carrying the reversing and parallel parking manoeuvres. The seat adjustment caters for people of small stature as well as those well over 6 feet tall.

Q: What days and times are you available for lessons?

If you click on ‘Prices’ on the menu on the left of this page, all the days, times and prices and discounts are shown there.

Q: Can I take my test in a vehicle fitted with an automatic gearbox?

Yes, but when you pass your practical driving test in the UK on an automatic this will be the only type of vehicle that you will be entitled to drive in the UK. Whereas if you pass your practical driving test on a vehicle which has a manual gearbox you are then entitled to drive both automatic or manual gearbox vehicles unaccompanied.

Q: How do I book my first driving lesson with you?

For Fastest Response call or text 07769 711877 or email me at MCas32@aol.com

Q: Where can I find more detailed information on the driving tests and licence categories?

Click on the DSA link in the ‘Links’ page.

Q: I’m still not sure and have some other questions?

Please feel free to call me for a friendly chat and I will put your mind at ease

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