a.Learner driver – no previous experience necessary.
b.Refresher – for those who may have passed their driving test some months or years ago.
c.Motorway – For anyone who holds a full valid driving licence and wants to gain more confidence driving with faster moving traffic.
d.Pass Plus – the DSA initiative particularly for new drivers regardless of age.
e.Intensive – For those who have time constraints or who want to attain their driving licence in a shorter period of time.
f.Advanced – For drivers who are considering, or who have booked an Advanced Driving Test.

Teaching Methods

I Will Teach You in a Very Calm, Relaxed, Friendly, Professional and Patient Manner – I DON’T get annoyed, irritated or angry – and, and at YOUR OWN Personal Rate of Learning Ability, safely and to a very high standard. I do not teach my students to merely ‘pass the test’, but will teach you to ‘Drive’, and all that this entails.

If you find any particular aspect a bit difficult, we will slow down the pace and overcome the problem to your satisfaction. Equally, if you find other aspects relatively easy, we will progress on to the next stage so that your progress is not being hindered – unlike some instructors who may inhibit your progress so that you end up taking many more lessons than would otherwise be necessary.

I will actively encourage you to ask me questions. As far as I am concened there is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question, as what may be obvious to you, may not be obvious to someone else and vice versa. I will explain fully and precisely why the course of action you are being recommended to take is the appropriate one in any given situation.

Regularity of Lessons

Ideally you should budget to take 2 lessons each week -or certainly no less than 1 lesson per week. It is vital for your learning progress to ensure that you take regular driving lessons, to obtain the best value for money. The longer the break between lessons, the more difficult you will find it to make adequate and sufficient progress from one lesson to the next to reach the Driving Test Standard, and beyond in the soonest time.

Gaining Comprehensive ‘All Round’ Experience

I will FULLY prepare you with not only the handling and safe driving of the car, but will equip you with knowledge that even a lot of experienced ‘qualified’ drivers lack. To prepare for today’s driving – and Driving Test – experience is needed on all types of roads including country lanes, main roads, housing estates, busy high streets and town centres, national speed limit areas including dual-carriageways, using a sat-nav, as well as learning manoeuvres such as parallel parking, driving forward into a parking bay and reversing back out, reversing into a parking bay and pull up and stop on the right-hand side of the road and reverse back for about 2 car lengths and then return back to the left-hand side of the road again. You will also visit a petrol station to be shown how to put petrol in the car yourself – it is easier than you imagine. On request you will also be shown how to jack up and change a wheel on the car – the easy way! (Very little strength is required).


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    Private in-car lessons

    Very patient, very calm, caring, sensitive, relaxed, positive, motivational, friendly and very professional and uncomplicated driving tuition

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    FULL Driving Licence

    You will be helped to attain your FULL Driving Licence MUCH SOONER than you may think possible…!

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    Personal instruction

    You will be treated as an individual, and not taught the same as my previous pupil or my next pupil. Your lesson will be tailored to your OWN personal, individual requirements…