Practical Test

What to expect during your Practical Driving Test

For a lot of people, taking the Practical Driving Test can feel daunting. However, if you’re fully prepared, you don’t need to feel nervous. The Examiners do not have quotas to fill and are not looking to fail you. They simply want to ensure that when you are driving you are;

  • Safe to yourself
  • Safe to other road users (and pedestrians)
  • In control of your vehicle
  • Driving legally and within the law

You will need to drive independently for around 20 minutes by either following a sat-nav (provided by the examiner) or following road signs. You will only be asked to perform ONE manoeuvre, from either parallel park, reverse bay park, forward bay park/reverse out, or reverse round the corner. You can see more details on this here

One in three people will also be asked to carry out an Emergency Stop during their test. 

Before (or after) you set out for your Practical Test, you may need to complete a ‘Tell Me, Show Me’ portion of the test. This can include you needing to open the bonnet and telling the Examiner how you would check the various fluid levels, power steering, lights, tyre condition, etc. 

To pass your Practical Test, you must not commit more than 15 (minor) driving faults during your test. However, if you commit one serious or one dangerous driving fault, this will also result in failing your driving test.

At the end of your Practical Test, your Examiner will provide a debrief to give you in-depth guidance on any areas where you went wrong or any areas for improvement, so you fully understand the results of your test.

You can find out more about what to expect on your Driving Test by viewing watching some of the official DVSA videos found on our Videos page.

> View our Videos page

“I can’t recommend Martin enough. He not only teaches you how to pass your test but gives you a real driving skill. I feel safe on the road now with all the knowledge he passed on to me.”

– Maria Georgieva, Thatcham, 23rd May 2019

Before booking your Practical Test

You should always speak to your Driving Instructor prior to booking in your Practical Test. This will give them the chance to discuss how prepared you feel and any areas that you may still need to cover prior to the test. 

You must also have already passed your Theory Test before you book your Practical Driving Test.

> Find out more about the Theory Test

How to book your Practical Test

The Practical Driving Test costs £62.00 (£75.00 outside the normal Monday to Friday times). This covers the cost for your Examiner. If you are using your Driving Instructor’s vehicle for the test, you will typically book in a time period of 2 hours to use the car for your test – as well as an hour of practice beforehand too. 

Test appointment times Monday through Friday are: 

  • 8.00am
  • 8.57am
  • 9.54am
  • 11.01am
  • 11.58pm
  • 1.25pm
  • 2.22pm

When booking in your Practical Test, you will need to quote your provisional driving licence, Theory Test certificate, and your Driving Instructor’s ADI number.

If you are taking your test with Acclaim Motor School, please quote Martin Caswell’s ADI Number: 46419. 

You can book your Practical Driving Test online

Click this link to book your Practical Driving Test

or by calling 0300 200 1122. 

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