The following are a few of the many examples of various comments my pupils, past and present, have made regarding the service they have received from Acclaim Motor School:

...He Helped Me Prepare For Driving And I Am Eternally Grateful...

Martin is an excellent teacher and is overall an amazing guy. He helped me prepare for driving and I am eternally grateful.

Harry O’Sullivan – Fledgers Wood

28th April 2020

...Martin Is A Great Instructor, Super Calm...

Martin is a great instructor, super calm and always has a relevent story to aid in the teaching. would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking to pass their test!

Jack Baker – Andover

11th March 2020

...He’s The Best Driving Instructor I’ve Ever Had...

Martin is a brilliant driving instructor. Very calm and patient. He’s the best driving instructor I’ve ever had. Today on the 4th March 2020 I PASSED my driving test and all thanks to Martin for refreshing my memory and getting me through the test. Martin was very supported and reassured me on my driving saying how much he liked my driving (massive boost on my confidence) I will miss our chats and giggles. I will highly recommend Martin to others who I know wants to learn how to drive. Once again thank you Martin for being superb

Charlotte Cook – Newbury

4th March 2020

...He Never Shouts Or Undermines You, And Any Question I Had He Always Had An Answer...

Martin is an incredible driving instructor! He’s patient, calm and definitely has a good sense of humour which always helped with my nerves driving. He never shouts or undermines you, and any question I had he always had an answer or a good story to tell. He doesn’t over complicate thing and his teaching style is well thought out. I found using the his book ‘Learn to Drive…an Easier Way’ as well as the dash cams super helpful to understand and better my driving. Thank you for everything! Would 11/10 recommend! 🚗🚗🚗

Kayleigh Hodge – Pangbourne

28th February 2020

...I Had A Lot Of Fun Learning To Drive With Him...

Martin has been a fantastic teacher for me. He is very patient and you always know that if you get something wrong he will calmly and clearly explain to you where you are going wrong. Martin is friendly and funny and very reliable and I had a lot of fun learning to drive with him, and I feel as though I have gained a lot of road knowledge and confidence as a result of his teaching.

Rory Lynas – Crux Easton

27th February 2020

...Martin Has Constant Patience And A Positive Influence Which Really Helps In All Situations...

I came to Martin after having a not so great instructor before. He is a really calm ( he never shouts or asks why did you do that), he’s is understanding of nerves and a very funny instructor who makes you feel relaxed and in control. If you have any questions I can promise he will know the answer and will be more than happy to answer them. He has written a book called ‘Learn To Drive… an Easier Way’ which I think does show just how much Martin knows about cars and driving. I used this book a lot to look over manoeuvres coming up to my test as a recap. There is also a section in this book with help of driving test nerves which I found very useful and Martin would remind me of these in the lessons leading up to my driving test. He would also always be looking out for any other advice that may be of help to calm my nerves. Martin has constant patience and a positive influence which really helps in all situations overall I would 100% recommend Martin as your driving instructor, he is great and I can say that I’ve passed my test as a confident driver not as a driver that just learnt to pass the test. He will be very much missed but I am glad that someone else can now experience his excellent teaching as he really does go the extra mile ( no pun intended ) to help you.
Thanks Martin,

Rosanna Collis – Brighton

13th February 2020

...He [Martin] Is Very Personable And Does A Great Job Of Putting You At Ease During Your Lessons...

Martin did a great job of preparing me for my driving test.  I have been driving for 22 years in the United States, but needed to prepare for the local practical exam.  In his lessons he corrected my bad habits, taught me about local rules and regulations, and showed me how to properly drive in the UK.  He also educated me on the pitfalls and common mistakes made during the exam.  All of the warnings he gave me came up during the exam and I was well prepared.  What makes Martin different is he is very personable and does a great job of putting you at ease during your lessons.

I would certainly recommend him for your lessons.

Stephen Holcombe – Newbury

3rd February 2020

...You Were Very Patient But Also Fun As Well...

Thank you for all your guidance and support in helping me to learn to drive and pass my test! You were very patient but also fun as well. I am now the proud owner of a VW Polo and it will be great to be able to drive on my own.

No doubt you will be teaching my younger brother Charlie in a few years time.

Thank you again.  All the best Henry.

Henry Axtell – West Ilsley

14th January 2020

...So So Happy!...

It’s been so useful being able to drive, and has just sunk in. So so happy!

Thanks again for everything.

Emily Goldsbrough – Kingsclere

13th January 2020

...Reliable, Never Raises His Voice, Patient, Kind And I Enjoyed Learning To Drive With Him...

Martin is a highly professional Driving instructor.  He has over 45 years of experience and it shows. Definitely value for money. He is reliable, never raises his voice, patient, kind and I enjoyed learning to drive with him. Also do the Pass Plus as this has helped a lot since I passed my test. I have no hesitation of recommending him to you. Thank you, Martin.

Jason Walker – Thatcham

27th December 2019

...Amazing And Simple Teaching Easy For Me To Understand...

Thank you again for all the support in helping me take my driving test!
Amazing and simple teaching easy for me to understand an easier way of doing everything!
Help with confidence in taking the practical test!
Over all 10 out of 10. Many thank Lucy

Wish you all the best for helping many more learners in 2020.

Lucy Wheaton

26th December 2019

...Doesn’t Put Pressure On You If You Don’t Do Something Right Or Don’t Understand Something...

Martin has been a fantastic driving instructor. He explains everything very clearly, is very calm and chatty and doesn’t put pressure on you if you don’t do something right or don’t understand something. I would thoroughly recommend him as he helped me to pass first time.

Ellie Holmes – Hermitage

27th October 2019

martin caswell

...Martin's Help Has Been Invaluable To Me, And He Has Really Built Up My Confidence...

Martin’s help has been invaluable to me, and he has really built up my confidence. He is calm, knowledgeable and friendly, and never has he made me feel silly. I avoided learning how to drive for 10 years after being diagnosed with dyspraxia which affects my coordination, I was told that I will struggle to learn how to drive. I eventually gave it a go and instantly Martin put my nerves at ease, I didn’t feel like someone with dyspraxic- I felt like a driver.
I can’t recommend Martin enough, especially to those who are nervous! He has given me so much support outside of the lessons too, if I have a question to ask he will answer it, always going the extra mile.
Thanks Martin for all of your help, support and showing me that I can drive 😊

Bethany Bell – Newbury

15th September 2019

...With Martin's Help I Was Able To Pass My Test Quickly With Just Three Minors!...

Martin was an excellent driving instructor, who managed to teach me exactly what I needed to know in a really patient and clear manner. I’d had one instructor before, but felt I’d stagnated. With Martin’s help I was able to pass my test quickly with just three minors! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, particularly if you’ve had bad luck on the test before and are looking for a new instructor.
Thanks again for all your help

Charlie Lindsay – East Hendred

20th August 2019

...Very Calm And Collected And Doesn't Shout Which Definitely Reduced My Nerves...

Martin is an absolutely amazing instructor who not only teaches you how to drive safely but also how to drive confidently knowing that you wont be a danger to others if a situation turns bad. Martin is also very calm and collected and doesn’t shout which definitely reduced my nerves on the road. I will happily recommend Martin to anyone who’s having doubts about their capabilities in driving! 🙂

Josh Wojcik – Thatcham

12th August 2019

...I Am Thrilled At How Quickly I Improved...

Martin is an excellent driving instructor! My previous instructor constantly shouted at me and undermined my confidence and Martin was the exact opposite. I am thrilled at how quickly I improved and subsequently passed my test with him and would recommend Martin to anyone.

Charlotte Sykes – Abbotts Ann

4th August 2019

...Very Calm And Constructive...

Martin was a great instructor! Helped me gain confidence with my driving and ultimately helped me pass!! Very calm and constructive, thank you! 😊

Aoife O’Neill – Winterbourne

18th July 2019

...He’s An Absolute Amazing Teacher With A Kind Heart And Is Very Patient...

Can’t recommend this man enough! I never in a million years thought I could drive or would be able to at that. But after meeting Martin, my confidence just grew grew and grew.He’s an absolute amazing teacher with a kind heart and is very patient.  I can’t thank you enough Martin. I have now passed my test first time, with just 2 driving faults, all thanks to Martin.

Carly Isdale – Thatcham

17th July 2019

...I Had Very Little Confidence At The Start But Martin Helped Enormously...

I highly recommend Martin as a great driving instructor. He was very patient and understanding and explained everything thoroughly. I had very little confidence at the start but Martin helped enormously. I went into my test feeling very prepared and my nerves were under control. His book (‘Learn To Drive…an Easier Way’) and his DVD/App (‘Banish Those…Driving Test Nerves’) he provided were also very helpful. Thank you Martin!
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Megan Broughton – Penwood

7th July 2019

...Very Calm And Patient...

Top driving instructor. Very calm and patient. Thanks a million.

Michael Pitt – West Ilsley

1st July 2019

...The Most Patient And Kind-Hearted Driving Instructor I’ve Ever Met...

Martin is for sure the most patient and kind-hearted driving instructor I’ve ever met, I have severe anxiety and I never ever believe in myself. I never thought I could achieve driving but after meeting Martin my confidence just grew and grew and grew and I wouldn’t of been able to do it without him! I really can’t thank you enough Martin you made me believe when I never thought I could!

Carly Isdale – Thatcham

12th June 2019

...Helped Me To Learn Quickly, Feel Confident And Safe On The Roads...

A really great instructor, who helped me to learn quickly, feel confident and safe on the roads. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Holly Smith – Silchester

3rd June 2019

...The Thought Of A Driving Test Used To Fill Me With Fear...

I was learning with Martin from late January, and passed in May with 4 minors. The thought of a driving test used to fill me with fear, but Martin was confident in my ability and this clearly paid off. He knows exactly what you should be learning and when to make sure you have prepared yourself for every eventuality. I cant thank Martin enough for his work with me!

Steve Type – Newbury

25th May 2019

...He Completely Changed My Attitude Towards Being Behind The Wheel And From The Very First Lesson I Knew I Had Chosen The Perfect Instructor...

I could have never asked for a better teacher!

I just passed my practical test at the first attempt after years of avoiding even taking driving lessons because I was so incredibly nervous about it. Just the thought of it made me panic.

When I finally decided that I can’t avoid it anymore I wasn’t very lucky with my first instructor as he didn’t seem to understand exactly how scared I was. That made things even worse and I thought that driving is just not for me.

And then someone recommended Martin!

He completely changed my attitude towards being behind the wheel and from the very first lesson I knew I had chosen the perfect instructor.

He is so calm and patient, you just can’t get nervous around him. He explains things so well, everything he taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life. Things that were a complete mystery to me started to make perfect sense very quickly.

I can’t recommend Martin enough. He not only teaches you how to pass your test but gives you a real driving skill. I feel safe on the road now with all the knowledge he passed on to me.

Thank you Martin! You’ve been fantastic and I’ll miss my weekly lessons. I’m looking forward to taking some further training! You haven’t got rid of me just yet!

Maria Georgieva – Thatcham

23rd May 2019

...Martin Has Got To Be One Of The Best Instructors....

Martin has got to be one of the best instructors. Well worth the the money and very patient. Also tries to get you passed as quick as possible, but also as a skilled driver,

Ashley Drake – Newbury

16th May 2019

...Martin Has Taught Me Not Just To Pass My Test, But To Drive...

I cannot believe I passed my test first attempt with only 3 faults!!

I was always petrified of learning to drive and finally faced up to my fears and started my lessons at the age of 41.  Martin is just so calm and patient and he gave me the confidence plus  calmed my nerves from my first lesson.  I though he was crazy when on my first lesson he said that we were driving down the A4 to Theale.  He was right though it was easier than I thought.   Martin explains everything clearly and makes it so simple to understand.  I learnt at a pace that was comfortable to me and he was patient when I asked can we just go through that again.

After about 5 lessons I started to relax and look forward to my lessons.  I enjoyed spending time with Martin chatting and laughing along the way, he is such a lovely genuine man.

Martin has taught me not just to pass my test but to drive.   I cannot thank you enough, I will miss our chats and putting the world to rights!

Thank you for everything, for my sound effects, my swearing at times and most importantly for making me believe in myself!

Louise Roberts – Thatcham

21st March 2019

...His Feedback Was 100% Spot On And Helpful...

Just amazing!

Really patient and truly professional. However I did not have too many hours with him, the time was focused on my driving all the time. His feedback was 100% spot on and helpful. What is the proof? I passed my test with 3 driving faults, and more confident on the road!

Calm, reliable and also flexible on time.

Thank you Martin!

Krisztián Csonka – Reading

19th March 2019

... Taught Me How To Learn Quickly!...

Fantastic teacher, very calm and taught me how to learn quickly!

Freya Jones – Bampton

4th March 2019

...You’ve Been The Best Teacher I Could Have Asked For...

Thanks for everything, you’ve been the best teacher I could have asked for and always made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. See you soon for the pass plus 😊

Aoife Wall – Kintbury

12th February 2019

...He Makes Learning To Drive So Much Simpler!  Just From Explaining Things More...

I’d really recommend Martin; he makes learning to drive so much simpler!  Just from explaining things more and being patient, he’s made me a calm and confident driver.  Thanks so much!

Laura McNally – Thatcham

3rd February 2019

...We Wasted Shed Loads Of Money On Someone “Cheaper”...

Martin Caswell my only regret is we didn’t know of you earlier as we wasted shed loads of money on someone “cheaper”.

I’ve seen some comments on some of your posts re ASD pupils. Not sure if we/I ever mentioned that Dylan suffers from ADHD. He does have some ASD traits also. I think the teacher/instructor makes or breaks it for those kids. He’s doing well with his driving. Not kicking the arse out of it etc… I’m proud of him. He has gone from a troubled kid, who’s parent’s rejected him to what he is today with a Distinction in his college course, a driving license and a well paid job. I’m only saying all of this as I think you are naturally a good teacher. Some instructors are not. Thanks.

Carole Mills – Dylan Nester’s Nan – Chapel Row

2nd February 2019

...I Passed My Test, First Time. That Is Testament To Martin’s Teaching Skills...

If you’re looking for a truly GREAT instructor Martin is your man.
I make no secret of the fact I have….. HAD massive driving fears and anxieties.
The first day Martin came to take me for a lesson I was too scared to even drive the car out of my road.
Today 17/01/2019 I passed my test, first time. That is testament to Martin’s teaching skills if nothing else. Martin has a way of explaining things that just makes it so simple to understand and to remember, he is always patient and very thorough ensuring you feel not only confident in your own abilities but also know exactly what to do.
I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Leanne Chester – Newbury

17th January 2019

...He Teaches You To Drive...

Martin is the best. He not a teacher that teaches you to pass, he teaches you to drive. I would recommend anyone absolutely everyone.

Dylan Nester – Chapel Row

2nd January 2019

...You Did A  Wonderful Job !...

Thank you very much for teaching Zoe to drive. We are so thrilled that she passed , first time too ! Now she has her independence which is fabulous ! You did a  wonderful job ! Huge thanks and wishing you a very Happy Christmas. Helen

Zoe Townsend’s Mum – Cholsey

17th December 2018

...A BRILLANT Teacher. Explains In A Very Logical, Clear Way...

Having had a couple of instructors before and getting nowhere, I wasn’t too confident in driving or my ability. Martin changed all that, he’s calm, patient, funny and all round a BRILLANT teacher. Explains in a very logical, clear way which might sound obvious, but it really isn’t! Fantastic use of technology integrated into the lessons and a fab book [ http://www.learntodriveaneasierway.com ]      also which you can apply time again in lessons and after you pass, which you WILL do with Martin! Highly recommend to learners and anyone who would like a refresh 5*

Maja Collins – Hungerford

10th December 2018

...I Found Myself Quickly Building Confidence Behind The Wheel Faster Than I Thought I Would...

Before starting with Martin it felt impossible to be able to drive like everyone else, but with Martin’s simple explanations and patience with new drivers, I found myself quickly building confidence behind the wheel faster than I thought I would.  Thank you.

Scott Blyth – Thatcham

9th November 2018

...He Does Build Your Confidence And Ability With Logic, Common Sense And An Easy Atmosphere...

Martin was exactly the driving instructor that I needed! I was not confident entering into lessons but Martin’s demeanour and cool, collected directions turned my attitude around quickly.
Martin doesn’t bombard you with instructions, shout, panic or stress out, he does build your confidence and ability with logic, common sense and an easy atmosphere.
Thanks Martin, I’ll keep recommending you and I really appreciate your help.

Craig Foster – Newbury

8th October 2018

...After Just A Few Lessons With Martin I Could Already See A Massive Improvement With My Driving...

Martin is such an amazing calm driving instructor. If you’re nervous about driving I would recommend him so much. I’d pretty much given up on driving after spending hundred of pounds on other driving instructors, I thought driving just wasn’t for me. After just a few lessons with Martin I could already see a massive improvement with my driving. He never shouts or gets stressed and just really makes learning to drive a much less stressful experience. Without Acclaim Motor School I would never of passed my test!

Holly Mitchell – Thatcham

30th September 2018

...Extremely Calm, Patient And So Enthusiastic And Knowledgeable About Driving...

Martin is a wonderful driving instructor – he’s extremely calm, patient and so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about driving. He doesn’t over complicate anything and makes driving easy. I was such a nervous learner but Martin makes you feel so at ease and built up my confidence so quickly. I passed my test first time and I couldn’t recommend him more. Plus, to top it all off he’s a genuinely lovely guy, very funny and I will miss our chats during my lessons. Thanks Martin!

Hannah Berry – Newbury

27th September 2018

...In Such A Small Space Of Time, He Made Sure That I Had The Knowledge, Skill And Confidence ...

Starting from the bottom, I didn’t quite know if I could do it, but with the help of Martin, he calmed my nerves and made every lesson relaxing. Taking one step at a time, Martin progressed at my pace, helping me with the skills that just weren’t coming naturally to me. In such a small space of time, he made sure that I had the knowledge, skill and confidence to pass. I couldn’t recommend anyone more to help not only pass your driving test, but also to teach you how to drive safely in the real world.

Thank you, keep up your fantastic work, so that many more people can have the opportunity that I did.

Adam Hitchman – Thatcham

20th September 2018

...Martin Has Given Me The Confidence To Actually Enjoy Driving...

When I started learning to drive I found it terrifying, but learning with Martin has given me the confidence to actually enjoy driving. He is very calm, relaxed and patient which is a the best atmosphere to be in when you start off as such a nervous driver as he does not rush you and lets you learn at completely your own pace. I was recommended to Martin by 2 different people and would also HIGHLY recommend him to anyone learning to drive.
Thank you so much!!!!

Evie Edwards – Kintbury

20th August 2018

...Always Been So Nervous Driving Until I Started Taking Lessons With Him [Martin]...

I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Martin!! So calm and patient, funny and enthusiastic! I wouldn’t have passed my test anytime soon if it wasn’t for him! Always been so nervous driving until I started taking lessons with him. Took my test today and passed with just two faults, couldn’t be happier!! Anyone who asks me for recommendations I will highly suggest Martin!!

Tammy Skinner – Newbury

7th August 2018

...Helped Me So Much With Everything 10/10...

Brilliant instructor! Helped me so much with everything 10/10 recommend to anyone looking to drive!

Lewis Compton – Thatcham

11th July 2018

...You Never Rushed Me And Always Adapted Things To Fit How I Learned...

I cannot thank you enough for all the help you gave me. There were points where I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to pass my test but you really helped me build my skill and confidence as a driver. You never rushed me and always adapted things to fit how I learned. I shall be recommending you to everyone I know that needs an instructor as I’m certain there isn’t anyone better. Thank you for everything and I hope you have a great future teaching 🙂

Brandon Potter – Newbury

30th June 2018

...I Will Always Remember How Calm And Patient You Were...

Hi Martin, I always think of you on 19/05 because that was the day that I passed my driving test with you – 28 years ago today! I was a very nervous teenager back then so I will always remember how calm and patient you were. It’s so good to see your continuing achievements and success!

I felt a bit out there saying that but now that you and I are both on Facebook it was an opportunity to let you know. I wonder how many other people remember the date they passed their test? (although I think it’s on the driving licence?). 19 proved to be memorable for me as I was 19 and passed on the 19th and my 2 eldest sons were both 19 and passed on the 19th of the month in which they passed their tests too!

So my youngest needs to maintain the pattern but he’s only 17 so we have a bit of time! 😉

I was trying to think back to 1989-1990 last night, I’m sure you had Micra’s maybe a white G reg one? I remember it being really nice and light to drive! Before you, I had lessons early on at 17 with a family friend and then I believe I had at least one lesson with another instructor? (Scottish?). All I can remember is that he was a bit abrupt with me but then you were always so calm. Being a teenager learning to drive was a really big thing for me, I wasn’t ready at 17 which is why I went back to it at 19. Am so pleased that your are still teaching after all this time and I love seeing the success stories on Facebook. Being a driving instructor must be such a challenging thing to do but so rewarding too! All the best for the future! J 🙂

Juliet Clarke – Newbury

19th May 2018

...Big Massive Step In My Life Now, Thanks ...

Thanks mate means a lot what you done for me, big massive step in my life now, thanks. Martin is a 5 star all way. I passed second time the first time was my fault.

Chris Strudley – Aldermaston

15th May 2018

...I Never Thought I'd Feel Like That About Driving...

Hi Martin, Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say thank you for today’s lesson. I did get a bit nervous at the end, but I loved every second of it and I’m already looking forward to the next one. I never thought I’d feel like that about driving.

Have a great weekend 🙂 Maria

Maria Geortieza – Thatcham

5th May 2018

...His Calmness And Kindness Made Learning To Drive Much Less Stressful And Also Fun Than Was Expected...

From my first Lesson Martin has been an incredibly helpful and great teacher. He always calmly and clearly explained all aspects of driving; providing a truly easy and relaxing learning environment. His calmness and kindness made learning to drive much less stressful and also fun than was expected. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning or is about to start learning to drive. Thank you Martin.

Sam Bird – East Hendred

18th April 2018

...He's Helped Me Achieve What I Thought Was The Impossible...

Martin has been an amazing instructor! He’s really helped me gain the confidence I needed to drive. He explains things so simply and he doesn’t rush you. I’m so incredibly grateful for his help in learning to drive and he’s helped me achieve what I thought was the impossible.

Gemma Green – Thatcham

3rd April 2018

...After Some Bad Experiences I Wanted Someone Calm And Reassuring. This Is Definitely What I Got With Martin...

A friend recommended Martin to me as he specialised in nervous drivers (although you don’t have to be to learn with him). This was important to me as after some bad experiences I wanted someone calm and reassuring. This is definitely what I got with Martin. He has never made me feel stupid or embarrassed for making a mistake or asking a question. He is a fantastic driving instructor and made me feel at ease right from the first lesson, his teaching methods are so simple yet so effective, I don’t know why other schools over complicate them! I really liked that I felt I had a say in the lessons also, if I wanted to focus on roundabouts or a specific manoeuvre I knew all I had to do was ask. Acclaim motor school is stress free and has the highest quality teaching. Martin didn’t just teach me how to pass my test, he taught me how to drive safely.

Sian Howard – Compton

29th March 2018

...I Can Truly Say He Did A Brilliant Job At Making Sure I Was A Confident Driver ...

I came to Martin after having failed my driving test twice because of nerves, I can truly say he did a brilliant job at making sure I was a confident driver on my test day but also now that I can drive alone! He truly is a patient and prepared instructor who has always made me feel comfortable and safe on the road

Alessia Ricci – Newbury

22nd February 2018

...He Is Incredibly Calm And Understanding, And Will Never Leave You Feeling Lost Or Confused...

Martin offers an excellent learning experience, this made possible by his extensive knowledge of driving and attitude towards learners. He is incredibly calm and understanding, and will never leave you feeling lost or confused. Also, Martin is an incredibly pleasant person and is a great laugh. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn

Alex Brashaw – Eling, Hermitage

30th January 2018

...He's Very Good At Explaining Things In A Nice Simple Way...

Martin is a great teacher. He’s very good at explaining things in a nice simple way. Always very patient. I would recommend Martin 100% if you want to gain your full licence. His new book is also very helpful with great diagrams which can be bought on amazon. ( http://www.learntodriveaneasierway.com/bookshop )
Thank you Martin

Tony Goble – Thatcham

30th January 2018

...Martin Offers A Wealth Of Knowledge And Practical Information Compressed Into An Easy To Understand Way Of Learning...

Martin offers a wealth of knowledge and practical information compressed into an easy to understand way of learning. If you are looking for an relaxed experience that expresses itself in real life analogies and examples then you could do no better than Acclaim and Martin. I fully recommend anyone becoming Martin’s next student.

Ross Buckner – Thatcham

30th January 2018

...He Doesn’t Just Teach You To Pass Your Test, But Actually To Learn To Drive....

Martin is a brilliant teacher. He explained everything very well and always stayed relaxed. He doesn’t just teach you to pass your test, but actually to learn to drive. Would 100% recommend.

Josh John – West Hendred

29th January 2018

...Martin Is An Absolutely Wonderful Teacher, He Is Patient And Kind And Will Go Into Detail To Help You To Understand...

Martin is an absolutely wonderful teacher, he is patient and kind and will go into detail to help you to understand if you got something wrong, like drawing a diagram or watching a dash-cam recording. I always felt at ease driving with Martin and his tips and tricks will stick with me for the rest of my driving career! Thank you Martin 

Jess Jenkins – Thatcham

18th January 2018

...Making Me Understand Better What To Do And Why To Do Everything...

Thank you very much, Martin, for your friendly and calm orientation during our lessons, making me understand better what to do and why to do everything on driving. You’ve been decisive for me to achieve this significant result. I will highly recommend your lessons!

Arthur Campos – Newbury – Passed with 0 driving faults

17th January 2018

...He is Passionate, Calm, Patient And Always Ready To Encourage...

Martin Caswell is a great and fair professional. I do recommend him to everyone who wants to learn driving from scratch or, like me and my husband, just need to improve driving skills to get UK driving license. He is passionate, calm, patient and always ready to encourage us. Besides that, what I most admired was his flexibility and fairness in the sense of adjusting schedule and avoiding excessive number of lessons. Well done, Martin! You are brilliant!

Andreia Martins – Newbury

10th January 2018

…Thanks Martin For Giving Me Such Amazing Lessons …

Thanks Martin for giving me such amazing lessons, couldn’t have wished for a better instructor! Look forward to doing the advanced driving course with you in future!

Robin Armstrong – Hermitage

3rd January 2018

…Teaches You The Easiest Possible Way…

I’d like to thank Martin for all of his hard work with helping me pass my driving test! He’s so patient and calm, and teaches you the easiest possible way he can! Thanks again Martin

Danielle Paal – Hermitage

27th December 2017

…I Feel A Lot More Confident…

Thank you so much for all the lessons. I feel a lot more confident and will recommend Pass Plus to anyone thinking about it!

Monika King – Hermitage

15th November 2017

…I Learnt Many Things I Hadn’t With My Previous Instructor…

With Martin I learnt many things I hadn’t with my previous instructor; the combination of these made me pass my test easily. Moreover, he doesn’t just teach you to pass the test but also to drive well on your own afterwards. He was incredibly considerate and patient when teaching me and I would thoroughly recommend him to every learner driver at any skill level! Thanks Martin

Ed Sandy – Penton Grafton

6th November 2017

…I Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Instructor!…

It still hasn’t sunk in! Really happy with my result of 2 minors.

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!

Josh Scatchard – Chieveley

10th October 2017

…Very Patient And Encouraging. He Was Always Calm…

Martin is an amazing instructor, very patient and encouraging. He was always calm and only gave constructive criticism. I can’t thank him enough for all his help!

Georgia Moss – Thatcham

24th August 2017

…He Listened To All My Worries And Fears About Driving And Boosted My Confidence…

I would like to thank Martin for being a very patient and understanding Instructor. He listened to all my worries and fears about driving and boosted my confidence. Can never thank him enough for all the help and support he has given me which led to me getting my full license � Very highly recommended!

Sammy Drake – Thatcham

10th August 2017

…You Went Over And Beyond The Extra Mile To Help Her…

Just like to say a massive thank you to Martin Caswell for all you have done for Sammy Drake in getting her through her driving after we got ripped of by her previous instructor. You went over and beyond the extra mile to help her and I’m so grateful for everything you done. She is smiling from ear to ear. If anyone needs a reliable and really kind instructor that will go the extra mile Martin Caswell is your man. Acclaim Motor School highly recommended.

Toby Drake (Sammy’s husband) – Thatcham

10th August 2017

…Martin Helped Me To Overcome My Fears And Was Always Very Cheerful, Calm And Friendly…

Firstly I would like to thank Martin for teaching me to drive, I was a very nervous driver and hated lorrys and roundabouts and driving but Martin helped me to overcome my fears and was always very cheerful, calm and friendly and I will miss our good chats and good banter ? I would highly recommend Martin to anyone. I passed today with just 3 minor faults ☺ thanks again Martin and will see you again soon when I book in plus pass

Siobhan King – Basingstoke

4th July 2017

…Very Patient And Calming Especially As I Was So Nervous…

Martin is a brilliant instructor. Very patient and calming especially as I was so nervous. Would highly recommend

Hayley Eatwell – Newbury

27th June 2017

…Not Once Did He Raise His Voice, And Instead Calmly And Clearly Explained How Best To Approach Different Driving Situations…

As I left learning to drive pretty late (22 and never driven a car), I was pretty nervous for my first lesson. Martin however, completely reassured me, took things at my own pace, and calmly explained everything. In 3 months of driving with Martin, not once did he raise his voice, and instead calmly and clearly explained how best to approach different driving situations, and the most straight forward way to carry out reversing manoeuvres. Martin tailors his lessons to individual students, going over areas you lack confidence in, and using diagrams and video footage on his iPad to demonstrate where you may have gone wrong, and what can be done to improve it. I would definitely recommend Martin as a driving instructor, even if you’re not a particularly nervous driver, as he will make the experience considerably more stress-free and simpler than other instructors.

As a side note, if you are learning with Martin and live considerably outside of Newbury, I would seriously consider trying to get a lift or train into Newbury, as practicing on the roads that will be in your test is invaluable. I would also suggest students should take full advantage of Martin’s website, using the practice theory questions and the web links featured to book your test, so you don’t accidentally pay more on a scam website.

Olivia McKay – South Stoke

22nd June 2017

…Absolutely Fantastic Instructor, He Was Patient, Calm And So Lovely…

Martin is an absolutely fantastic instructor, he was patient, calm and so lovely. He’s given me the confidence I need to be a good driver now I’ve passed my test. Thank you so so much.

Sophie Ann Tapping – Bishops Green

13th June 2017

…Most Patient And Supportive Instructor You Could Wish For…

The most patient and supportive instructor you could wish for. I wouldn’t have developed the level of skill or confidence without him. Thankyou Martin!

Keely Loughnane – Newbury

12th June 2017

…Martin Is Patient And Will Always Help To Explain Things…

Martin is a great driving instructor, who gave me the confidence not just to pass the test but to be able to become a confident driver. Martin is patient and will always help to explain things to make driving seem easy and simple. I would really recommend his teaching like others have to me. Thanks a lot!

Patrick Heyman – Penton Mewsey

3rd June 2017

…I Was Very Nervous To Begin With But He Was Very Patient, Explained Everything Thoroughly And I Felt Comfortable Asking Any Questions…

Martin is an excellent instructor, I was very nervous to begin with but he was very patient, explained everything thoroughly and I felt comfortable asking any questions I had. I throughly enjoyed learning to drive with Acclaim, and I’ve just passed today first time with only 4 minors thanks to Martin, and I am looking forward to doing the Pass Plus course with him!

Leanne Blyth – Thatcham

26th May 2017

…He’s Possibly The Most Patient Person I’ve Ever Met!…

Martin is definitely the best instructor anyone could ask for! He’s doesn’t just teach you how to drive he gives you the confidence and ability to drive! He made me feel so conformable and he’s possibly the most patient person I’ve ever met! Thank you so much Martin I couldn’t thank you enough!

Chloe Philbey – Thatcham

29th April 2017

…He Could Not Have Been More Supportive And Helpful…

Martin gave me the tutoring and confidence I needed to pass my test first time. He could not have been more supportive and helpful. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone wanting to learn more than just what you need to pass. I now feel ready to drive on the roads confidently and most importantly safely.

Nathalie Rodwell – Chiswick, West London

20th March 2017

…Really Calm And Taught Me To Drive In A Simple Way That Was Easy To Understand…

Martin was an excellent instructor and really helped to boost my confidence when I was feeling unconfident on the roads. He always stayed really calm and taught me to drive in a simple way that was easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone, especially for those who are nervous about both learning to drive and taking their test!

Caislin Pollard – East Ilsley

18th March 2017

…Anyone Who Wants To Be A Confident Driver And Wants To Be Taught In A Way That Suits Them…

Martin is such a great instructor and the lessons are very personal to the individual! I would recommend Acclaim Motor School to anyone who wants to be a confident driver and wants to be taught in a way that suits them. Martin tells you things that you need to know as well as showing or proving them to you so it sticks in your brain! Again I would say to anyone to choose Acclaim Motor School!

Meera Patel – Tilehurst, Reading

24th February 2017

… Teaching You How To Drive And Not Just How To Pass The Test…

Martin is a great driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. He is incredibly calm and patient and makes you feel confident in the car and on the road. I really appreciated the way he focused on teaching you how to drive and not just how to pass the test. Thanks again Martin for helping me pass my test on my 1st attempt and it was a pleasure learning to drive with you.

Niamh O’Neill – Winterbourne

16th February 2017

…Took Time To Get To Know Me And Work In Which Way Best Suited Me…

Thanks to Acclaim Motor School I passed my test 2nd time. Martin was amazing, took time to get to know me and work in which way best suited me, Martin was so calm and very good at explaining things in which after 5 steady months working at a pace best for me he got me through it and in confidence to be a half decent driver?

Millie Miles – Echinswell

14th February 2017

…In 2 Weeks He Taught Me TRIPLE What My Previous Instructor Had Taught Me In About 18 Months…

Martin is an amazing driving instructor! In 2 weeks he taught me triple what my previous instructor had taught me in about 18 months. I used to dread driving and was really unconfident about it. Since meeting Martin and passing my test with him I love driving!!
I couldn’t recommend Martin more highly. I’ve really appreciated his kind and patient teaching style and couldn’t thank him enough for teaching me how to drive safely – not just to pass the test!

Georgia Vyvyan – Hatherden

4th February 2017

…Amazing Instructor, Highly Recommended…

Feel so proud of my self set my goal for this year and passed it in the first month of the year i couldnt have done it with out the support of everyone!!? thank you every one especially my mam & Martin Caswell my mummy mobile is now officially on the road beep beep look out guys we are about!!???? i think its safe to say cassidy-clare is loving life waving at the traffic!!????? thanks again so much guys!!????

Thank you so much Martin. Passed 1st time and I wouldn’t have been able to do it with out you. Amazing instructor, highly recommended. Will definitely be recommending you!! ? ?

Sapphire Foster – Padworth

30th January 2017

…Had A Brilliant Time Learning…

Have had a brilliant time learning under you and will highly recommend you to anyone who needs an instructor. Thank you so much for helping me pass my test ?

Kieran Fisher – Thatcham

26th January 2017

…Great Confidence Boosting Lessons…

Very professional in approach and delivery. Great confidence boosting lessons as well.

Jeremiah Ochieng – Newbury

21st January 2017

…I Got To Learn A Lot From Him…

I have got a chance to have few driving sessions with Martin and I got to learn a lot from him, not just to pass my driving test but also to drive safely. Martin is calm and patient and has very good experience. Thanks Martin for helping me out. I am definitely going to recommend you to my friends

Arun Kumar – Newbury

19th January 2017

…Absolutely Brilliant Driving Instructor!…

Absolutely brilliant driving instructor! I originally began to learn with a different instructor but within my first hour of starting with Martin I realised the difference, he’s so calm and patient. Would recommend him always. Passed first time with only 2 minors. So pleased. Thank you ever so much !!!!!

Harriet Gray – Newbury

17th January 2017

…A Focus On Learning How To Drive In The Real World Rather Than Just How To Pass My Test…

I only had three lessons with Martin as I had lessons with a previous instructor prior. Martin didn’t mess around though, we had a quick drive around to assess what sort of level I was at, then he tailored the lessons to match that. There was more of a focus on learning how to drive in the real world rather than just how to pass my test which was really appreciated. Did some dedicated driving in the dark on country roads to give me experience of that even though it wasn’t counting towards the test. Really good way of teaching I think

Alistair McNeill – Reading

14th January 2017

…Martin Jestes Najlepszy! – Martin Is The Best!…

Dla polskiej części odbiorców ? Martin jest miłym i CIERPLIWYM instruktorem z poczuciem humoru. Polecam wszystkim, szczególnie nerwusom takim jak ja. Martin jestes najlepszy! Dziękuję Ci za wszystko!!!

TRANSLATION: Martin is a nice and patient instructor with a sense of humour. I recommend him to everyone, but especially to nervous people like me. Martin is the best. Thank you for everything.

Izabela Dziewulska – Thatcham (formerly Poland)

23rd December 2016

…From Being A Stressful Exercise Driving Became Fun And Enjoyable Experience…

I had been trying to pass the driving test for quite a while but with no success. Not before I met Martin. In his laid-back, calm and humorous manner he teaches the ABC of driving in the most user-friendly way. Driving rules all of a sudden started to make sense! From being a stressful exercise driving became fun and enjoyable experience. I at last understood what driving was all about. Thank you, Martin!

Olga Addis – Theale

6th December 2016

…He Gently Taught Me The Way To Drive…

Martin is a great instructor. Over the lessons he gently taught me the way to drive. An easy going, easy to get on with instructor. Thank you!

Mike Spencer – Thatcham

26th November 2016

…Now I Feel Very Calm And Confident With My Driving…

Thank you Martin for all the support I have been given! I am unbelievably happy to be on the road!�� When I first started driving I was very nervous and didn’t think I would be on the road but now I feel very calm and confident with my driving. I highly recommend Acclaim Motor School! And I will be in contact soon for Pass Plus! Thank you again!�

Nicole Angell-Hill – Thatcham

17th November 2016

…I Was Quite Nervous About Driving, But Now I Enjoy It ? …

Firstly would like to thank Martin for everything over the few months of driving, helping me pass my driving test at the first attempt !! Before I came to Martin, I was quite nervous about driving but now I enjoy it ? Martin teaches you to drive, not just pass your test; but does this in a calm reassuring manner! I would recommend anyone else other than Martin! it’s been fun ? 10/10 5*****

James Martin – Thatcham

4th November 2016

…It’s Not All About Passing The Practical Test, It’s About Being Able To Drive, And That’s What Martin Does…

I’m a very nervous person, so being sat behind a wheel with a stranger for the first time, seemed so daunting. But Martin made me feel so relaxed, as he doesn’t get frustrated or angry. Slowly Martin was able to build up my confidence.
It’s not all about passing the practical test, it’s about being able to drive, and that’s what Martin does- he doesn’t just tell you the bare minimum, he tells you what you need to know for the future. I would highly recommend Martin – Thank you for everything! -Jessica-

Jessica Chandler – Tilehurst

2nd November 2016

…I Found Driving So Much Easier, Everything Was Explained So Clearly…

After not having much luck with my last two instructors, I was recommended Martin by a friend as a last resort. With him I found driving so much easier, everything was explained so clearly and I actually looked forward to my lessons. Really would recommend :))

Isabelle Tuite-Dalton – Goring

15th October 2016

…A Brilliant Instructor…Great At Explaining Everything In A Really Clear Way…

A brilliant instructor, really patient and great at explaining everything in a really clear way. Also a really nice man who makes the lessons relaxed. 10/10 would recommend

Dominic Davis – Ipsden

14th October 2016

…Martin Is The BEST Instructor There Is!…He Teaches You At Your Own Pace And In A Way That’s Best Suited To You…

Martin is the BEST instructor there is! He teaches you at your own pace and in a way that’s best suited to you. Martin won’t moan or groan when you do something wrong and instead will just talk you through it and help you out. And he doesn’t just focus on areas where you can improve but also focuses on areas that you are doing well in which is a great confidence boaster.

To top it of Martin is a super friendly and funny guy! I can safely say I am going to miss lessons with Martin.

Danielle Harris – Thatcham

10th October 2016

…He Was Brilliant As I Was Very Nervous …

After being let down by 2 local driving school cancelling my test along with constant wasted lessons I contacted Martin after finding him on Google. After he gave me my first lesson for free I knew it was the right decision to carry on learning with Martin. He always had time to book me in for a lesson working around my busy schedule. He was brilliant as I was very nervous. Once I used his (Banish Those…Driving Test Nerves) DVD my nerves had gone completely. i would highly recommend Martin 10/10. thank you for all the help!!


Thanks again Martin for all the help

Tom Reed – Thatcham

9th October 2016

…Friendly, Gentle And Especially Patient…

Martin is a great instructor! He is very friendly, gentle and especially patient. As a learner, I always felt comfortable behind the wheel when driving with Martin as he never put me under pressure when I make mistake. I would strongly recommend Acclaim Motor School.

Lily N Ton – Newbury

29th September 2016

…Definitely Worth Every Penny!…

Amazing instructor and my partner – Ashley Harfield – passed first time. Definitely worth every penny! Highly recommend!

Alycia Rawlings – Burghfield Common

…Martin Was Always Patient And Understanding…

I have very high regard for Martin Caswell. He helped me to pass my driving test at first attempt. I was a very nervous driver….and probably the worst student to teach but Martin was always patient and understanding, his attitude enabled me to have confidence in myself as he would remain relaxed during all lessons and ascertain his confidence in me. He has a very good teaching style and is able to explain manoeuvres in the simplest form. I often felt I made silly mistakes but Martin never lost his cool and was able to explain what I had done wrong without being condescending. Martin should pride himself in his ability to teach students how to drive not to just pass their test, this way I was able to drive confidently with my partner next to me immediately after passing my test, I was unable to do this before.
Martin has a wealth of experience with driving as well as teaching, and has a lot of stories and anecdotes to share. I strongly believe I would have struggled to pass first time with an alternative instructor, I couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you Martin.

Karena Strudwick – Thatcham

27th September 2016

…He Teaches You To Drive And To Think About Driving, Not Just How To Pass!…

Martin is amazing! I have tried to pass with other instructors and have failed he teaches you to drive and to think about driving, not just how to pass! I am over the moon I passed with Martin 10/10 and 5 ⭐️! Thank you so much Martin. I would highly recommend.

Carly Winchcombe – Newbury

6th September 2016

…Patient, Knowledgeable And Extremely Encouraging…

Martin has been a great instructor, he is patient, knowledgeable and extremely encouraging. He gave me the skills and confidence to pass my test with 2 minors. I recommend Martin to anyone learning to drive!

Will Grant – Weyhill

5th August 2016

…Makes Driving So Easy To Understand And Enjoyable…

Great instructor, very patient and funny. Makes driving soo easy to understand and enjoyable, will highly recommend him. Thank you Martin, you are a star

Rita Wilson – Thatcham

25th July 2016

…He Made Me Confident Behind The Wheel…

I can’t thank Martin ….. That would be too small. Not because I have passed first time, but he made me confident behind the wheel. Martin is the person who can relate every situation ( potential driving mistakes ) in the road with his unique set of example. He always succeed to get the best out of you in any circumstances. He has his own genre of teaching his pupils (specially the nervous one like me).

I would recommend Martin to anyone who want to be a “good” driver not just be another driver with basic skills.
Thanks Martin..

Sourish Banerjee – Thatcham

21st July 2016

..The Best In Newbury By Far…

Martin is the most amazing instructor you will find, he is so patient, understanding and super friendly. He helped me pass with just 13 hours of driving lessons. He is extremely experienced and the best in Newbury by far. I’m so happy I chose to go with Acclaim wouldn’t have wanted to learn with anyone else, plus his car has lots of gadgets I will miss my lessons with Martin for sure.
Thank you for everything , see you on the roads!

April Brophy – Chieveley

13th July 2016

..Best Driving Instructor In The Newbury/Thatcham Area Hands Down…

Best driving instructor in the Newbury/Thatcham area hands down. Would recommend him to anyone. He’s a very calm and patient instructor and all round nice guy.

Stephen Enever – Boxford

30th June 2016

..Martin Is A Great Instructor With A Very Positive Attitude….

Martin is a great instructor with a very positive attitude. He helped me pass my test first time and would recommend him to anyone!

Athenais Duriez – Lyford, Wantage

17th June 2016

…Best Driving Instructor Around!…

Best driving instructor around!

I started taking lessons with Martin in March and I passed my test the beginning of June, which was my aim to do so. I was a nervous driver as I hadn’t driven for 9 years. Martin made me overcome that very quickly, he makes you feel very relaxed and calm.

He doesn’t just teach you how to pass he teaches you how to be a good confident driver witch I now am thanks to him. He answered any random questions I had and never once got angry or raised his voice if I made a silly mistake. He calmly talks you though it.

I honestly would recommend Martin to anyone. Thankyou for making me a good driver Martin

Nicole Nikita Long – Padworth

9th June 2016

…I Was Being Instructed By The Best Of The Best …

As soon as I started driving with Martin I immediately knew I was being instructed by the best of the best, like being taught football by Jose Mourinho!

Martin always makes the lessons fun, enjoyable and always filled with lots of jokes! He doesn’t just teach you to be a safe driver, but he teaches you to fit in with experienced drivers and due to his help you improve leaps and bounds.

Before Martin I never thought in a million years I would be able to pass first time but thanks to his expertise and guidance he has made a miracle happen! I couldn’t recommend him more, thank you so much for all your help!

Hector Cox – Vernham Dean

5th June 2016

…His Method Of Teaching Was Very Effective…

Martin was a fantastic driving instructor who made the whole process of learning to drive both safe and enjoyable.

I found that his method of teaching was very effective because rather than just simply pointing out mistakes he also provided justifications for why the correct process should be carried out instead. I felt this allowed me to improve my driving ability quickly because it was easier to remember the adjustments I needed to make.

Martin also thoroughly answered any questions I had as well as drawing useful diagrams. Martin is very personable and (admittedly sometimes crucially) also highly patient! I would recommend him as a driving instructor to anyone.

Calum Farwell – East Ilsley

2nd June 2016

…Martin Helped Calm My Nerves And Made Driving Seem Very Relaxing!…

If I was to describe Acclaim Motor School in one word, it would have to be: Excellent!

I found Martin’s cool, calm, and positive attitude made the whole learning process more comfortable and enjoyable! He is never angry or shouty, as he was very calm on my first lesson as I went round a roundabout twice then almost hit the curb. I was incredibly nervous and excited to learn to drive and Martin helped calm my nerves and made driving seem very relaxing! With Martin there is no such thing as a stupid question, and he is happy to sit a draw out as many diagrams as it takes until you are happy with the answer.

I always feared doing manoeuvres such as the parallel park as all of my friends had said that it was impossible and that it was one of the things they would fail on… I have no idea what they were worrying about as Martin made it seem and feel incredibly easy (which it is!). He is super helpful with increasing your confidence to the extent where I found myself being able to drive anywhere while chatting to Martin and analysing the obstacles and other drivers on the road. He doesn’t teach you to just pass your test! He does so much more, as he teaches you how to properly drive and do things you won’t get on your test like filling a car with petrol!!!

So all in all, if you are thinking of learning to drive or you have failed your test and are thinking of giving up, don’t, as Martin can help you pass with few to 0 minors!!! I whole heartedly recommend Martin, as he is the best driving instructor out there!

Adam Clark – Thatcham

18th May 2016

…He Doesn’t Get Angry Or Annoyed…

Martin is a quality driving instructor and was so helpful when teaching me to drive, he doesn’t get angry or annoyed and I would definitely recommend him!

Robbie Blythe – East Ilsley

6th May 2016

…Makes Driving Simple And Easy To Learn…

After having quite a few lessons with a previous instructor and not making any progress I gave up, believing driving just wasnt for me. Many years later I decided to give it one more go, but this time I really did my research to find the right driving instructor and thats how I found Acclaim Motor School. I really cannot recommend Martin strongly enough- he is very calm, patient and makes driving simple and easy to learn. Thanks for everything, I still can’t believe i’ve passed!!

Jim Tompsett – Newbury

1st May 2016

…Calm, Reassuring Instructions Made Me Feel Relaxed And Focused…

Calm, reassuring instructions made me feel relaxed and focused. Provided me with helpful tips which really helped in the test and hopefully my future driving career! Many thanks for the help!

Kim Fletcher-Bott – Newbury

22nd April 2016

…Martin Is A Fantastic Instructor And Definitely The Best Instructor In The Newbury area!…

Martin is a fantastic instructor and definitely the best instructor in the Newbury area! After not having the best experience with my first driving instructor, Martin made driving a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. I started off as quite a nervous driver but Martin would never raise his voice when I did something wrong and was always happy to answer any questions I had ( however silly they may have been).

My confidence has increased hugely and I never thought I would pass my driving test. Not only did I develop the confidence to pass my test, I now have the confidence and knowledge to drive by myself. Martin doesn’t just teach you how to pass your test, he teaches you how to drive! I highly recommend Martin and wish I’d have know about him sooner.

Morgan Hughes – Thatcham

20th April 2016

…Can Help Any Nervous Driver To Get The Confidence They Need…

Fantastic instructor, would definitely recommend Martin to anyone and everyone. Highly experienced, provides great tips and teachings, can help any nervous driver to get the confidence they need.
Thanks for everything, very happy I chose to go with Acclaim

Rob Coppock – Thatcham

12th April 2016

…Martin Was An Amazing Instructor Who Is Very Calm, Patient And Experienced…

Martin was an amazing instructor who is very calm, patient and experienced. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive

Jordan Blythe – East Ilsley

11th April 2016

…His Calm And Conscientious Attitude Made Me Feel At Ease …

Martin is nothing short of an excellent driving instructor. His calm and conscientious attitude made me feel at ease during lessons. I can’t recommend Acclaim motor school highly enough.

Nick Hatton – Reading

7th April 2016

…After Only A Few Lessons With Martin I Felt A Lot More Confident In My Abilities…

I went to Martin as a last resort. I had been driving a long time already and not improved much which made me lack confidence. However after only a few lessons with Martin I felt a lot more confident in my abilities and was mastering manoeuvres I never thought I could do. Martin is very relaxed and won’t raise his voice or lose his temper if you make a mistake and this truly helped me unlock my potential as a driver.

Martin not only teaches you to pass your test but but to drive safely and I could not recommend him enough.

Jade Taylor – Newbury

1st April 2016

…He Made Sure I Always Felt At Ease When Driving…

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Martin as he made sure I always felt at ease when driving, and never got annoyed if I made a mistake. I particularly liked that he taught me how to perform the manoeuvres naturally, rather than by a set method, so I could do them easily in my car after I passed! Thank you very much for all your help ?

Caitlin Rigler – Beenham

13th March 2016

… He’s Calm And Patient And Let’s You Learn At Your Own Pace…

Never thought I’d be able to say I’ve passed my test but thanks to Martin, I can now say that I have! He’s calm and patient and let’s you learn at your own pace instead of rushing you to pass your test. Would definitely recommend for anyone thinking of learning to drive to have lessons with Martin as he is a brilliant instructor, thank you for all your

Alex Clyde – Newbury

10th March 2016

… Not Only Excellent But Also Very Patient, Calm And Perfect For Anyone Who Is Nervous…

If any of my friends or mutual people are looking for a driving instructor who is not only excellent but also very patient, calm and perfect for anyone who is nervous. I recommend Martin Caswell to all of you! Yet again, thank you for everything, I wouldn’t of done it without you! ?

Carla Heaver – Penwood

3rd March 2016

…He Explains Driving In A Way That’s Simple And Easy To Understand, As Well As Being Incredibly Calm And Patient…

Martin is an amazing instructor! He explains driving in a way that’s simple and easy to understand, as well as being incredibly calm and patient. Having come from a previous instructor, Martin helped improve my confidence and thanks to him I passed first time. Already recommended him to all of my friends! Thank you so much!

Emma Reynolds – Whitchurch

21st February 2016

…You Learn Everything Properly In A Memorable Way …

I would highly recommend Martin he is patient, calm and you learn everything properly in a memorable way. He made my ‘learning to drive’ experience a breeze and I was never afraid to ask questions. He doesn’t just teach you how to pass your test, but teaches you to drive. It has been a pleasure thank you for all your help!

Cherise Brooker – Newbury

5th February 2016

…He Encouraged Me…

Genuinely would not recommended anyone else apart from Martin. Not only did he make my driving confidence grow, he encouraged me to have the ‘just do it’ attitude and to stop putting things off (especially the dreaded theory test!) He doesn’t mind silly questions – and I asked plenty! Passed both my theory AND practical first time with only 3 minors… And would not have done it without him! Thanks Martin ?

Sophie Chamberlain – Thatcham

1st February 2016

…Helping Me Pass And Overcome All My Fears On The Road…

A big thank you to Martin for helping me pass and overcome all my fears on the road! Passed first time, all thanks to his patience.

Millie Evans – Blewbury

21st January 2016

…An Amazing Instructor, Really Made Me Feel Confident And Ready…

I passed my driving test today all thanks to Martin, he was an amazing instructor, really made me feel confident and ready, he says it was team effort but without his help I would not have passed today. I would highly recommend him to anyone, thank you again Martin

Kyle Vallance – Woolton Hill

8th December 2015

…He Teaches You How To Drive Like An Experienced Driver Would…

Martin is a very patient and experienced driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone! He doesn’t just teach you how to pass your test, he teaches you how to drive like an experienced driver would! Thank you for everything.

Henry Wheeler – Crux Easton, Nr Highclere

10th November 2015

…Martin Is Always Calm And Patient Whatever Situation Arises…

Martin is a fabulous driving instructor! Both my sister and I passed first time under his instruction. Martin is always calm and patient whatever situation arises. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Camille Stables – Childrey, Nr Wantage

26th October 2015

…I Always Felt Entirely Safe Behind The Wheel With Martin…

Martin has been a fantastic, patient teacher and his years of experience really show in the quality of his teaching. He takes great pride in being the best at what he does and this shines through. I always felt entirely safe behind the wheel with Martin as I knew he’s always on the ball and won’t let things go wrong. As an older learner and a mum, it was very important to me to learn to be a good and safe driver, not just to pass the test, and with Martin he will make sure that is what will happen.

Sally Pryce – Newbury

25th October 2015

…I Always Felt Very Safe And Well Looked After…

Martin is great instructor and would highly recommend him ?
I’ve had a great time learning to drive with Martin, he always stays calm and great if u r feeling nervous, if ever i didnt understand something or got confused he always took the time to explain things in detail, I always felt very safe and well looked after in learning to drive.
The conversations never ran dry and i loved hearing all of Martins story’s.
Not only did Martin teach me to pass my test he taught me drive and be confident and I will be forever grateful for all his support in learning to drive ?

So if ur looking for a top instructor Martin is definitely the man

Katie Pocock – Newbury

1st October 2015

…He [Martin] Was Great At Explaining Things To Me Whenever I Didn’t Understand…

Martin is very calm and patient. He was great at explaining things to me whenever I didn’t understand and taught me driving skills for life- not just the test! Would recommend to anyone! Thank you Martin!

Lulu Walters – Newbury

29th September 2015

…His Way Of Teaching Is So Clear And Understandable…

I passed my driving test within just 3 months of having driving lessons with Martin and all I can say is ‘Wow’! Martin is an amazing driving instructor, so calm and patient and will go through anything you are unsure of. His way of teaching is so clear and understandable; also the training materials he provides you with are very helpful too. I would definitely recommend Martin to anyone who is looking for an instructor to learn to drive with.

Thank you so much Martin for all your help and everything the last 3 months!! You have been amazing! I’m already driving around in my car and it’s such a great feeling. But I couldn’t have done it without you being there every step of the way ?
Bryony Petersen 20th April – 22nd July 2015

Bryony Petersen – Newbury

8th September 2015

…All I Can Say is, I Wish I Knew Martin Sooner…

Would highly recommend! After 9 years of battling with anxiety over driving I decided I would have one last attempt at restarting how to drive. All I can say is, I wish I knew Martin sooner. Very calm, patient and understanding. Even put up with my potty mouth :-)) Best of all I passed first time.

Stacy Rush – Newbury

7th September 2015

…I Only Wish We Had Contacted You Sooner…

Just wanted to thank you for supporting John for the past weeks and building his confidence. I only wish we had contacted you sooner. With the benefit of hindsight…..

Karen Anderson – Woolton Hill (John Anderson’s mum)

4th September 2015

…Martin Was Always Very Keen To Make Sure That I Learnt To Drive, Not Just To Pass My Test…

Learning to drive with Martin has been a hugely successful experience and one which I would highly recommend to anyone, even the most nervous of drivers. Each lesson I always learnt something new but also practised and perfected other areas. Martin was always very keen to make sure that I learnt to drive, not just to pass my test but to be able to drive well after the test. This I think is hugely important

Jess Ledger – Vernham Dean

14th July 2015

…Gives You Confidence In Yourself To Drive Independently…

I highly recommend Martin. He is always an extremely patient and calm instructor, who not only teaches you how to drive safely but gives you confidence in yourself to drive independently. His lesson hours are very flexible and he will always try to find the time to accommodate you.

Whether you’re learning to drive at 17 or later on in life, I’m sure Martin will be a great instructor for you. I couldn’t have asked for a better one myself

Nathan Hill – Thatcham

12th July 2015

…His Teaching Style Is Calm And He Goes At A Pace That He Knows You’re Capable Of…

Martin Caswell is absolutely brilliant as a driving instructor. I at the age of 17 had a previous driving instructor and they knocked all of my confidence making me eventually leave them and not want to learn to drive. However at age 18 my parents found Martin and I decided that I’d once again give driving a try.
His teaching style is calm and he goes at a pace that he knows you’re capable of. He slowly built my confidence and he is probably the calmest individual I’ve ever met. I genuinely believe that if I hadn’t started to learn with Martin I still wouldn’t have taken my test by now. He is also very reliable not only is he usually early to lessons but he reminds you of booked lessons. He’s also got lots of helpful information in an App you can get and it has helped me a lot!
My younger brother is learning with Martin and I will always suggest friends/family to learn with him

Bethany Clark – Thatcham

10th July 2015

…37 yrs Ago Was The Day I Passed My Driving Test! First Time…

Hi Martin. Just like to say that today 37 yrs ago was the day I passed my driving test! First time after just 10 one hour lessons with your tuition!! That speaks for itself ! I just want to now thank you on FB for your patience & faith in me which I didn’t even have in myself! With my disability you were either very brave or just mad!! Lol anyway it changed my life for ever, being able to drive! It’s the one thing I do best & enjoy the most!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart! Pom Pom Pom !! I still hear it!!! X

Maureen Murray – Cornwall (Passed in Belfast)

14th June 2015

…Very Encouraging And Patient …

highly recommend Martin to anybody!! Very encouraging and patient couldn’t of done any better without him! So looking for an instructor don’t hesitate and call him now!!

Marcus Amor – Thatcham

12th June 2015

…Martin Remained Calm And Reassuring Throughout…

I was incredibly nervous before even starting lessons, but I soon lost these feelings as I progressed my driving skills with Martin. He was patient and understanding throughout the whole process, helping me to pass not only my theory first time (with the help of the resources’ he supplied) but also my practical. He explained situations clearly; using diagrams, which gave me skills to pass my test and also cope in daily driving events. Martin remained calm and reassuring throughout, which made the experience far more enjoyable and gave me the confidence to feel relaxed behind the wheel.
Martin was a great instructor and I will recommend him to my friends and anyone who wishes to become a confident skilled driver.

Megan Bird – East Hendred

4th June 2015

…Only Wish Is That I Had Heard Of Martin Sooner…

Absolutely Amazing Instructor, Martin really gave me the confidence to not only pass the driving Test but the Theory side of it as well, after having lessons with someone else my only wish is that I had heard of Martin sooner, I honestly can’t believe I’ve passed & 1st time as well ? thank you so much Martin Xx

Vanessa Marcham – Penwood

3rd June 2015

…His Teaching Methods Really Get You Ready For Your Test Quicker…

Martin is a very patient and laid back guy, I was nervous to begin with but Martin was brilliant in making me feel calm and in control. He gave me lots of reading material and a disk that had all the manoeuvres listed step by step. He also gives you free access to the best theory test app I’ve ever used it was so good I passed the theory first time round. His teaching methods really get you ready for your test quicker than you’d think and in no time those famous words “I’m pleased to tell you have passed” are being reeled from the examiners mouth. Thanks Martin for all your help In getting me where I am now ?

Simon E Lipscombe-Smith – Bishops Green

14th May 2015

…I Was Taught More Than Just Passing…

Now I can drive I feel much more independent. I was initially nervous about driving but Martin helped me feel comfortable with driving. I wasn’t just taught how to pass my test, I was taught more than just passing. Thank you very much Martin.

Jason Chapman – Newbury

27th April 2015

…Martin Was Extremely Patient And Supportive…

I tried a couple instructors, before a neighbour and friend recommended Martin. Martin was extremely patient and supportive as I progressed from a nervous and novice driver, to a confident and responsible driver. I passed first time and I’ve already recommended him to all my friends!

Thanks Martin!

Hannah Cooper- Turners Green

23rd April 2015

…He NEVER Gets Frustrated…

Martin was my second driving instructor and before I met him I was extremely nervous behind the wheel. Within the first few lesson I felt a lot more confident especially because I knew that Martin had all the faith in me; that I could do the things which I was panicking about. Not only had Martin got me straight on to busy roads but within the first few driving lessons he also got me to carry out all of the manoeuvres such as the turn in the road. Once I had done this manoeuvre I had the skills and knowledge to do the task in hand (pass my practical driving test) I just needed the confidence. With lots of practice and driving whenever I could with my mother I was able to fulfil that task.

Martin has many years of experience with this experience he is able to put a lot of faith in people and keep a calm cool head whilst teaching. He never gets frustrated and has lots of interesting story’s that help ease the driving nerves. I would highly recommend Martin as the experience of learning to drive with someone that does it with such ease is a very good thing.

Lauren Stott – Marlborough

April 2015

…You Gave Me A Lot Of Confidence…

Thank you very much for helping me get through my driving test first time. You are a great instructor and very patient. You gave me a lot of confidence. I will recommend you to all my friends ?

Ella Whiting – Andover

30th March 2015

…Highly Recommended…

Highly recommended – it has been a pleasure to learn from Martin as he is always calm, helpful and humorous.

Archie Lynas – Crux Easton

24th March 2015

…Teaching Me How To Drive Safely…His Calmness And Patience Made The Experience Enjoyable… Having been a nervous about the idea of driving before I

Having been a nervous about the idea of driving before I started lessons, it was important that I had an instructor who was patient and understanding. Martin was great throughout the process, leading me to pass both my theory (benefiting greatly from his theory test resources) and my practical test first time. He was also able to explain things in new ways, such as through diagrams or pictures, making sure I understood clearly. His calmness and patience made the experience enjoyable. Most importantly, Martin taught skills not just for the driving test, but skills which would be utilised after the driving test and in real life every day driving, particularly country road practise.

Finola Southgate – Turners Green, Upper Bucklebury

10th March 2015

…Teaching Me How To Drive Safely…Not Just To Pass The Test…

After years of learning to drive and failing test after test due to nervousness I decided to get in touch with Martin Caswell. I’m so pleased I did! He has been very patient, supportive and amusing as well as really teaching me how to drive safely…not just to pass the test. So I’m happy to say that I have just passed my test and I’m feeling much more confident about driving on my own. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to really drive well. ?

Liz Oram -Newbury

4th March 2015

…Calm And Patient Teaching Method…

I passed my test first time with Martin due to his calm and patient teaching method. My first lesson he told me he’d teach me to drive, not just pass the test; and that’s exactly what he did. Very highly recommended.

Murray Jackson – Thatcham

4th March 2015

…Been With A Few Driving Instructors, Martin is Definitely The Best…

Brilliant, been with a few driving instructors, Martin is definitely the best, he’s chatty, and a good laugh but when needs to knuckle down and crack on, he will.

Nigel Poulson – Thatcham

20th February 2015

…Made Me Feel Supported And Relaxed…

Martin is a fantastic instructor! I’d had a few lessons with another instructor before taking him up on his FREE first lesson – and the difference was honestly night and day. His calm demeanour and great sense of humour made me feel supported and relaxed about learning to drive, and with his instruction I was able to pass the practical test FIRST TIME! I really can’t recommend him highly enough.

Dan Upton – Newbury

13th February 2015

…Makes Driving Seem Very Easy…

I’m very pleased with your driving school. The way you teach it is very easy to get the grips of and makes driving seem very easy. I love that you talk your students through their faults or if they get something wrong, I’m happy as anything that I passed FIRST time and I will be recommending you to all my friends

Tom Mildenhall – Compton

2nd February 2015

…A Very Calm And Patient Instructor Who Puts His Pupils At Ease…

Thank you so much to Martin of Acclaim Motor School for getting my daughter Beth through her driving test. I can’t rate him highly enough – he’s a very calm and patient instructor who puts his pupils at ease.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Martin to anyone looking for an instructor and I will definitely be contacting him again when my son is old enough to learn to drive!

Beverley Pope

Beth Pope – Finchampstead

30th January 2015

……Very Calm, Very Patient And Extremely Efficient…..

Without doubt I couldn’t sum up how pleased I am I chose to learn to drive with Martin. Only 3 lessons and I passed my test 1st time. Even if you are ready, I know of no other instructor or school that will get you on the road quicker! Very calm, very patient and extremely efficient! All round GREAT tutor!

Joe Collacott – Kintbury

13th January 2015

……Teaching Style Is Brilliant – No Info Overload At All…..

Martin is honestly a god send to the world of driving schools and instructors. Such a patient, calm and positive man! Reliable and no hassle when arranging a lesson – he won’t just disappear for weeks on end. Teaching style is brilliant – no info overload at all and when things don’t work out he’ll just try another way of explaining things (ideal if you have ditsy tendencies!). The important thing is, Martin teaches how to drive not just how to pass the test. I passed feeling like a more than competent driver, sad I won’t be having my weekly chit chat anymore. Couldn’t thank you any more for helping me gain my independence and confidence!

Leah Payne – Wantage

6th January 2015

……His Teaching Style Is So Easy To Understand…..

On my introductory lesson with Martin I was so nervous/scared to be behind the wheel that my whole body was physically shaking. Martin is so calm, his teaching style is so easy to understand and the extra material he provides is SO helpful and is the whole reason I passed my driving test first time. He really is amazing at working with nervous drivers. A lot of driving schools said as I was a nervous, inexperienced driver I would need somewhere in the region of 40 lessons to be at test standard… With Martin I had 9 hours worth of lessons – I think this just proves how he makes the best use out of every lesson to help you become a confident driver. I actually cannot thank you enough Martin, I couldn’t have done it without you!


Received from Nicolle on Christmas Day:

It’s crazy! I was actually able to pick relatives up to come for Christmas
dinner today. Was lovely. Definitely couldn’t have passed so quickly with anyone
else but you, so thanks again! Merry Christmas Martin! Have a lovely 2015 ☺️

Nicolle Tomkins – Newbury

5th December 2014

……Helps You Learn How To Drive – Not Just Pass Your Test …..

I tried a couple of driving instructors before Martin and wish I hadn’t wasted my time! I would recommend Martin to anyone, he’s calm, patient and actually helps you learn how to drive – not just pass your test. He teaches in a way so that you can work on what you need to and go at your own pace. I really appreciate him being so patient and everyone for telling me to go with him, just wish I’d done it sooner! Will definitely be back to do Pass Plus at some point, thank you Martin!

Floss Ireson – Newbury

25th November 2014

……After Only A Few Lessons My Confidence Grew And I Felt Safe Behind The Wheel…..

After only four months of lessons, I have passed my practical driving test all thanks to Martin. I was incredibly nervous when I first started learning to drive, but after only a few lessons my confidence grew and I felt safe behind the wheel. Martin was calm and patient at all times and did not once get angry when I made a mistake. He teaches at a pace which suits the individual, and does not force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. He is also very understanding and incredibly easy to talk to.

Without Martin I would not be where I am now. Martin taught me not only how to pass my test, but how to drive afterwards too. I would recommend Martin to anyone, he is fantastic and I will be forever thankful for the independence I have gained through him.

Sian Winterton – Newbury

3rd November 2014

……Martin, The Best Instructor For Nervous People…..

I recommend Martin to anyone he was calm and patient I was a bag of nerves
before I found Martin, the best instructor for nervous people. I didn’t think I
would pass but I did first time with him. He has given me a whole new life and
so much more confidence in myself. I wanted to pass so much because of my
disabled son & hospital appointments and getting out with my Children & Martin
has taught me to drive not just pass my test. And I owe him everything for that
I’m so grateful thank you so much Charlotte x ?

Charlotte Butler – Newbury

4th November 2014

……Martin is A Patient And Calm Instructor…..

I am so pleased to say that I passed my test FIRST time with Martin. Martin is a patient and calm instructor, who actually made me look forward to my driving lessons! (This had not been the case with previous instructors!) Being a nervous driver, Martin put me at ease and my confidence increased straight away! He explained things carefully and made manoeuvres easy to learn. Thank you Martin, it was a pleasure driving with you!

Dan Pitwell – Newbury

20th October 2014

……He’s Always Calm With You Even When You Make A Mistake…..

Martin is a great driving instructor helped me pass my test first time 2 years ago and again yesterday after losing it (because I did things I shouldn’t on the road and got caught doing it). He’s always calm with you even when you make a mistake definitely worth learning with him. Thanks again Martin. Will see you soon for pass plus. Hopefully not for a licence retake again

Adam Masson – Newbury

13th October 2014

……He Teaches You So That You Can Drive Anywhere…..

Martin doesn’t just teach you the test routes. He teaches you so that you can drive anywhere, and that’s exactly what you want. He’s particularly calm and patient and this has the effect of making you less nervous as well! Very experienced.. Thank you very much!

Best Wishes


Olivia Dawkins – Pangbourne

23rd September 2014

……Thank You, Martin, For Your Patience And Expertise – You Really Did Make The Difference…..

Martin has been so encouraging and helpful to my husband who passed his test today – thank you, Martin, for your patience and expertise – you really did make the difference, and his confidence improved enormously once he started learning with you!

You were just the instructor Mass needed to give him confidence in his driving. He told me last night that he was sure he could pass now. I have felt safe with him driving. We are looking to buy a car for him. He told me you had a Toyota. Mass said it was a nice car to drive – but you undoubtedly were the factor in the equation who made him confident again, so thank you again for doing such a great job. I shall recommend you to people in my team at work. Liz (Mass’s wife)

Mass Sanneh – Reading

16th September 2014

……I Was Driving Better Than I Ever Had…..

I could not recommend Martin at Acclaim Motor School enough. When I went to Acclaim Motor School I had already taken 2 tests and not passed and I was also very close to giving up driving altogether. But after only a couple of weeks, Martin had got my confidence up and I was driving better than I ever had. With his help I felt confident enough to not only pass my test, but to also be safe on the road on my own. This is why you should choose Acclaim!

Tom Allison – Thatcham

9th September 2014

……Most Patient And Easy Instructor I Could Have Wished For…..

Martin has been the most patient and easy instructor I could have wished for. He explained his points well and guided me through the rules of the road. He has been an absolute saint.

Ed Henderson – Radley College

9th September 2014

……A Very Positive Experience – From My First Lesson, To Passing My Test…..

I would highly recommend Martin to any person learning to drive, especially those who consider themselves nervous learners as Martin’s collected attitude really helped me to stay calm in all situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed lessons and believe that this is due to Martin’s patience, stories and jokes that all created a very relaxed atmosphere.

I really benefited from his expert ability to explain manoeuvres and other appropriate skills, and how to master them – not just for the driving test, but for life. Overall, a very positive experience – from my first lesson, to passing my test earlier today.

Thanks Martin!

Jasmine Walter – Newbury

8th September 2014

…….I Truly Believe That The Tuition I Was Given By You Enabled Me To Get A Gold Pass….

I’m hoping you might remember me. Helen Taylor, lived in pinchington lane in the house next to the old rugby club drive that has since been pulled down and Pizza Hut now stands in its place.

I wanted to let you know that your tuition has has stood me in good stead since I passed in 1987. I decided a few years ago to put myself on the RoSPA advanced driving course. I passed with a Gold Pass and was asked to be an instructor. I truly believe that the tuition I was given by you enabled me to get a Gold Pass. The RoSPA tuition and system as you will already know increases your knowledge and awareness of road positioning to enable you to maintain the visible limit point but I found that basically the rest of the training was just recapping what you taught me in 1987. I attended a skid pan course and again the principles that you taught me down that snowy wash common lane all those years ago put me in good stead and I also passed that course. I’m now doing the RoSPA advanced riding course as after some 20+ years I’ve got another bike. I thought it would be beneficial to put myself on a course. I was very pleased when on my first lesson after only riding the bike about 6 times that there was no reason why I shouldn’t attain a gold pass.

I truly think that if you get taught correctly the first time you’re given skills that will last you a lifetime.

Thanks Martin

Helen Taylor-Phelps (nee Taylor)

Helen Taylor-Phelps – Newbury

August 2014

…….Has The Patience Of a Saint…

Massive thank you to Martin Caswell who for the last year sat patiently whilst teaching me to drive.

He is an extremely great driving instructor who has the patience of a saint who helped me, a very nervous driver to pass my Theory test and practical tests at the first time of asking, Mr Caswell you’re a true gentleman, legend, friend and most importantly the best driving instructor in Newbury.

Thanks again Martin

Faron Lambourne – Compton

24th July 2014

…The Way You Teach Is Incredible…

Even though my last 2 lessons were with a friend, I would not have passed my test if it wasn’t for you! The way you teach is incredible and you are a great instructor x

Lauren Ashleigh Ball – Compton

4th July 2014

…Patient And Great At Explaining…

I passed my driving test first time thanks to Martin. He is a wonderful instructor who is patient and great at explaining things. The maneuvers were made so much easier and Martin was able to go over things I didn’t understand. After not having such a good experience with a different instructor before, It was great to be able to find someone that was easy to talk to and could help me pass my test. I haven’t only just passed my test, I feel confident and safe when driving on the road.
Thanks again Martin!
Alex ?

Alex Shepherd – Reading

2nd July 2014

…Martin Made Manoeuvres Seem So Easy…

Wow! Passed my test FIRST time with Martin! I am hugely grateful. Martin was so patient and always picked me up on my mistakes which was good, but calmly and effectively.Martin made manoeuvres seem so easy which actually I found were because of the way he explained them. I Highly Recommend Martin, Best Instructor Around ?

Stacey Smith – Thatcham

22nd May 2014

…Just Brilliant!…

I am so happy to have passed my test with Acclaim Motor School and would like to say a “big thank you” to Martin.Martin is a great instructor and is very patient and calm at all times. He explains everything so clearly and is always happy to go over things again and talk through any difficulties. Martin always has a tale to tell you about his driving experiences and makes the lessons very enjoyable. Looking forward to starting my Pass Plus now and gaining experience as a qualified driver!My Mum would also like to thank Martin for his continuous support and patience with her!! My younger brother is starting his lessons with Martin now – sorry Martin!!! Ha!

Tristan Pearce – Hermitage

1st April 2014

…His Teaching Was Just Brilliant…

I would just like to say how truly thankful I am to Martin Caswell for getting me my driving licence. He is the most patient man I have ever met when it comes to driving. I had no confidence in the early days, and without him I would have given up!!!! His teaching was just brilliant and if there was something I did not understand, he would talk me through it until I did. I am going to miss your humour Martin, just great, and I know I am going to be one student you will never forget!!! Many thanks for the Polish doughnuts too.If anyone is thinking of learning to drive Martin is 100%.Thanks again, Jane Randall x

Jane Randall – Newbury

21st March 2014

…He’s Able To Inspire Your Own Confidence…

Having recently moved out to Thatcham and without a driving licence, I set about finding a driving instructor local to the area but importantly with good credentials. After a few Google searches, a consistent name popped up with an extraordinary record of pupils passing their tests. After calling Martin and arranging my first FREE introductory lesson, my expectations of his ability was high. I was not disappointed. Within my first lesson, I was driving again after having last driven around ten years prior and immediately began building confidence in my ability, this was in no small part to Martin’s ability to bring the best driver out in you. I’m now proceeding in doing my pass plus with Martin and would wholeheartedly say the entire experience is still a shock to me, I’d never thought I’d pass my test but immensely happy that I have. I would recommend Martin to any driver, young or old as he’s able to inspire your own confidence which ultimately you will need on the day of your test.

Kevin Ingrey – Hermitage

4th March 2014

…Martin Was Always Very Patient And Calm…

Martin is a very informative and friendly instructor. He made it a point to teach to drive safe not just for passing the test but even after that. Martin was always very patient and calm during the entire process of my learning which helped a lot given that I was a very nervous driver. Really a good instructor and has really easy teaching techniques to make driving simple.

Amruta Mane – Newbur

3rd February 2014

…I Couldn’t Have Had A Better Instructor…

Thank you so much for everything Martin Caswell, I couldn’t have had a better instructor. All the best!!

Thais Vieira – Whatcombe, Gt Shefford

12th February 2014

…You Know The Answer To EVERY Question…

You Know The Answer To EVERY Question I Could Ask About Driving… Thank you Martin! So glad I booked you for my lessons. You really helped me on the way to passing, and PASS PLUS has really built up my confidence to drive in more awkward situations. Obviously it’s life changing to be able to drive too! You know the answer to every question I could ask about driving and also gave me lots of extra info to use on the roads! Thanks again I’ll be recommending you to anyone learning to drive :-).

Rebecca Tovey – Reading

January 2014

…Always Stayed Calm In Every Situation…

I had two different driving instructors before Martin and neither of them compared.I was quite a nervous driver especially after a few practical test fails but Martin helped me build my confidence again and always stayed calm in every situation. I have him to thank for passing my driving test and am looking forward to doing Pass Plus lessons with him. Thank you Martin!

Maddie Speed – Little Wittenham, Abingdon

20th January 2014

The Most Patient Man I Have Ever Met…

I would 100% recommend Martin to anyone wanting to learn to drive. The most patient man I have ever met ?

Tracy Brown – Reading

16th January 2014

…I Couldn’t Wish For A Better Instructor…

I passed my test on my second attempt and I would like to thank Martin for all his hard work he put into preparing me for this big day! and believe me it wasn’t easy :)Martin is not only an excellent instructor he is also a very friendly and patient person, who can make every lesson enjoyable and fun. He is open for discussion, supportive and really helped me to build up my confidence. I couldn’t wish for a better instructor!

Katie Sumara – Newbury (formerly Poland)

3rd December 2013

…Martin Gave Me Confidence To Believe In My Driving Ability….

Martin made learning to drive fun and I always looked forward to my next lesson. Martin gave me confidence to believe in my driving ability and I think it really helped to pass my test first time. I’m so glad I chose you as my driving instructor and thank you for everything ?

Samantha O’Connell – Thatcham

4th October 2013

…He Taught Me Very Well With My Safety In Mind At All Times….

Martin is a really kind man with no issues with anything and very approachable. He taught me very well with my safety in mind at all times. I felt very comfortable with him, and am glad to say that I passed first time. I feel fully
assured by my own ability now. I really recommend him as an instructor and I urge you to start driving with him! Thank

Max Macklin – Newbury

1st October 2013

…His Way Of Teaching Is So Efficient….

Martin is the key to why I passed my driving test at the first attempt, 4 days before my theory test expired. He was so determined and very focused on my driving. His way of teaching is so efficient that even though I felt that I don’t have enough time to prepare before my test, I passed. He observed every details and will give you situation where you will understand things clearly. Thank you so much!!!!! I BET IF YOU CAN’T FIND DRIVING INSTRUCTOR AS CALM AS MARTIN!

Beulah Estrada – West Hendred

1st October 2013

…He Was Calm And Patient And Explained Everything Thoroughly And In A Simple, Easy To Understand Way…

I would recommend Martin to anyone learning to drive- especially if they have lost confidence from previous driving experiences. He was calm and patient and explained everything thoroughly and in a simple, easy to understand way. He boosted my confidence behind the wheel and I passed a lot quicker than I thought. Glad I gave it another shot and chose Acclaim.

Emilie Ward – Thatcham

19th September 2013

…I Would Highly Recommend Martin…

Thank you for teaching me how to drive it was a great experience for me and I would highly recommend Martin to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

Ashley Steggles, Lambourne

17th September 2013

…Calmest Most Patient Driving Instructor Ever…

Martin is the calmest most patient driving instructor ever. Explained things in a completely different more simple way to what I had been taught before. Made passing much simpler – with only two minors – and a [Polish] doughnut ?

Sarah Dibley, Newbury

10th September 2013

…Always So Calm And Patient…

I would recommend Martin to anyone, I never found driving easy so it was really worth having an instructor like Martin who is always so calm, patient and confident in your abilities and potentials. He helped me to get over any issues or nerves I had early on and my newfound confidence and skills on the roads I totally owe to him. Thank you Martin!

Poppy McAllister, Ardington, Nr Wantage

23rd July 2013

…We Would Highly Recommend Martin…

We would highly recommend Martin from Acclaim Motor School. Not only is he patient but gives sound advice and teaches you how to drive and not just how to pass a test. Martin is very experienced and got our son [Stephen Read] through his test within 7 months. We were extremely happy with the service provided.

Wendy and Jeremy Haines, Thatcham

17th July 2013

…Each Week I Could See An Improvement In Both My Confidence And Skills…

I would whole heartedly recommend Martin. I attempted to learn to drive when I was 17 but just had no confidence. I am now 36 and I finally plucked up the courage to give it another go. From the start Martin was patient and calm and always made me laugh which relaxed me. Each week I could see an improvement in both in my confidence and skills. I could simply not have passed my test without Martin.Thank you so much for giving me my freedom, it is such a wonderful feeling.

Gayle Bonner, Aldermaston

10th July 2013

…He Was Always So Calm And Patient And Easy To Get Along With…

I chose to go with Martin after being recommended by a friend that he was a great instructor. He definitely lived up to his recommendations. He was always so calm and patient and easy to get along with. I was never the most confident driver, and I never felt like he would tell me off if I ever did anything wrong. Thank you Martin for helping me pass and become a confident driver.

Megan Barlow, Thatcham

5th July 2013

…He’s The Calmest Person I’ve Ever Met…

Martin taught both my brother and sister to drive, so I knew he’d be a good instructor to learn with and I was right! He’s the calmest person I’ve ever met and I always enjoyed our chats on the lessons as he always put me at ease! I would recommend Martin to anyone either learning to drive or doing the pass plus! Thanks again!

Katie Pritchard, Thatcham

19th June 2013

….I Never Felt Under Any Pressure Whilst With Martin…

When I first started with Martin I was sure he was the right instructor for me as his teaching style is very forward and he is very calm in the car with you. I never felt under any pressure whilst with Martin and as a qualified driver I feel that Martin has set me up well to become a safe, independent driver. I would recommend Martin to all age groups, he can get along with anybody.

Michael Cox, Thatcham

18th June 2013

….The BEST in Berkshire….

Learning to drive with Martin is fantastic, he is so relaxed but strict on the job at hand at the same time. He always has time to explain what is needed or required and has the patience to help you pass. The driving is never rushed also which is a good thing. You are sure to pass with Acclaim Motor School who for me is the BEST in Berkshire. I am very happy to have learnt to drive with Martin and feel very confident with everything he has taught me..

Lee Hill, Thatcham

December 2012

….He Will Teach You To Drive Higher Than Test Standard!!….

Martin is a great instructor, very easy to get on with, plans each lesson around ability and progress, always positive and patient most importantly he will teach you to drive higher than test standard!!

Dave Bartholomew, Thatcham

December 2012

…If You Are At All Nervous About Driving I Would Recommend Martin…

Martin is an excellent instructor. He is very patient, funny and teaches in a way that is understandable and straight forward. If you are at all nervous about driving I would recommend Martin as he helps to build your confidence. So when you pass your test you are well prepared to be let loose on the roads.

Jen O’Para, Thatcham

October 2012

…He Explains Things Very Simply…

Martin is a very calm, patient and professional driving instructor. He helps builds your confidence very quickly and constantly has a positive attitude to help you feel relaxed. He explains things very simply and teaches you at your own pace. Would definitely recommend him, thank you very much Martin ?

Jodie Chandler, Thatcham

September 2012

Martin’s Simplified Way Of Teaching Made Learning Easy…

Martin’s website promises ‘no tears instruction’ and this is something he certainly delivers. I was taught by him for over a year, in which time I failed two theory tests and a disastrous practical, but on no occasion did Martin appear anything but friendly and supportive. He just does not get angry!For someone who is clearly a very talented driver, he showed incredible patience in slowly guiding me through all the manoeuvres and preparing me for my test. Even more importantly though, Martin’s simplified way of teaching made learning easy. I only wish I’d realized sooner that all I had to do was follow his instructions.Having passed now I would certainly recommend Martin to anyone. He is a brilliant instructor and I look forward to taking my Pass Plus with him.

Tom Lynas, East Cruxton

September 2012

I Would Recommend Martin To Anyone Wishing To Learn To Drive…

I was having lessons with another driving school, but did not feel that I was getting anywhere fast. I changed my lessons to Acclaim Motoring School as Martin came highly recommended. As soon as I had my first lesson I felt confident and at ease, Martin is an excellent instructor and taught me to drive in a way that I could understand. My confidence grew very quickly and I passed my test first time with only 3 minors.I have now taken my first two lesson in the past plus course. I would recommend Martin to anyone wishing to learn to drive as his knowledge and experience is outstanding.

Cara Hayward, Newbury

August 2012

…It Feels Like I’ve Been Driving For Years…

Thanks for your help teaching me to drive…Now I’ve passed I’ll be looking out for you. At least now I can go where I want and not have to worry about you telling me were to go lol. Thanks again. PS. I took my aunty out for a drive earlier she said it feels like I’ve been driving for years and she’s very impressed lol.

Adam Masson, Newbury

July 2012

…I Hope I Could Have Found You Earlier…

As a qualified and experience teacher, I understand Martin’s professionalism and enthusiasm. Before I came to him, I have had over 150 hours driving lessons with 3 different instructors and failed 4 times. When I met Martin, he soon diagnosed my weakness, he then used a very easy understanding, remember and humorous approach to help me to improve my driving abilities and build my confidence. He seems a good psychologist. When I passed my test, I immediately recommended him one of my colleagues.I would recommend him to any driving learners without hesitate.

Maiqi Ma, Cold Ash

June 2012

…Martin Has A Way Of Communicating And Making You Feel Comfortable Right From The Start…

He is very patient and understanding which makes you feel at ease when he is beside you. Martin explains everything very clearly and if you have any problems or queries he always listens. He did not teach me to pass my test he taught me to drive.Martin’s cars is a Nissan Micra 1.2 and it is very easy to drive and i have bought a nissan micra 1.4.I would rate Martin 10 out of 10. Thank you Martin for teaching me how to drive.

Alex Scher-Smith, Headley

June 2012

…Driving Didn’t Come Naturally To Me…

Driving didn’t come naturally to me and I had a tendency to concentrate on the mistakes I made – Martin got me past this with his positive focus. That said, he doesn’t just give out praise for the sake of it, so when he does pay you a compliment on your driving ability you know you’ve really earned it!

Rose Wylie, Newbury

June 2012

…Enjoying The Freedom And Independence…

Thank you very much for all your help in getting me to pass my test! enjoying the freedom and independence.

Sam Hiscock, Newbury

May 2012

…I Couldn’t Have Picked A Better Instructor…

Where to start with Martin…I couldn’t have picked a better driving instructor. He is very calm and patient with everything you do whilst learning to drive. He is also very professional and has his own simple ways of teaching the manoeuvres. I am the third family member that Martin has learnt to drive, and I’m sure there will be more. A big thank you Martin ?

Derek Philbey, Thatcham

May 2012

Martin Was Fantastic! He Really Builds Your Confidence in Driving…

He really builds your confidence in driving and teaches you not only to pass your test but to drive for life! In the month or so that I have passed I have independently driven to Reading, Swindon and north Devon!! I feel so independent it is amazing!! Thank you Martin! XxSarah from Thatcham passed FIRST attempt on 20th March 2012 – 8 driving faultsSarah also made good use of the CD’s from www.DrivingTestNerves.com – a creation of Martin Caswell ADI proprietor of Acclaim Motor School — at Driving Test Nerves.

Sarah Howse, Thatcham

March 2012

…He Made Me Feel At Ease When Driving…

I decided to have driving lessons with Martin because he had taught my sister to drive, and she had said he was excellent. I would like to thenk Martin so much for being such a kind, patient and professional driving instructor! He made me feel at ease when driving , and my confidence grew enormously with his postive attitude. I would certainly recommend Martin to anyone; he’s very patient and never rushes you into doing things you don’t feel confident with – the lessons are at your own pace. I am so glad I had such a brilliant instructor – thank you Martin.

Sophie Lynch, Thatcham

February 2012

…Martin Was A Cool, Calm Professional…

I would like to say a big thank you to Martin for getting me through my driving test. From my first lesson until my last Martin was a cool, calm professional, never shouts or screams at you and explains everything in a way that was easy to understand. If you don’t get something first time he will take you through it until you do. I would say to anyone who is thinking of starting lesson don’t hesitate and go for the best instructor you can get.Thanks again Martin for all your help.

Andy Dale, Newbury

February 2012

..Every Lesson I Looked Forward To…

Learning to drive with you was one of the best decisons I made, not only are you a driving instructor, but also a friend, who only within two months, helped me to achieve my goal of passing before my birthdayand first time, and also my Theory test! You can tell that you are very passionate about your job, because you always have advice to give, and pointers to pass on.Every lesson I looked forward to, because it got me one step closer to the test, and a good chat!I can’t express how grateful I am, for you passing on your skills, I would recommend you to anyone learning to drive! Cheers, Aaron:-)

Aaron Appleton, Kingsclere

…The Lessons Were Relaxed But I Learn’t So Much…

Martin, thank you so much. it has been a real pleasure getting to know you and I really enjoyed our banter.Your teaching technique has been the best I have known and far excelled my previous driving instructors. I actually laughed during our lessons…no small feat when you’re learning to drive! The lessons were relaxed but I learnt so much. POM POM!!I have recommended you in the past and I will recommend you again. Now – after all your help, I FINALLY have a full license! I look forward to doing my Pass Plus course with you.

Rachel Haynes, Newbury

Driving Made Simple And Easy To Learn…

I think Martin is an excellent instructor. Friendly and professional. I was extremely nervous starting out, but he made driving simple and easy for me to learn. I would recommend Acclaim Motor School to anybody who is learning to drive.

Tamsyn Morrison, Newbury

I Learned So Many Things…

Thank you so much Martin, you are really nice person. I learned so many things from you which my previous instructors never taught me.

Javaid, Hungerford

A Proficient Program With Top Results…

I passed the exam [driving test] first time! Martin, on top of being friendly and helpful is interactive in his approach to ‘nailing’ best-practices driving. His message leaves a lasting impression not by telling ‘do this’ but by educating with why, in the larger picture, it’s to our advantage to make specific decisions. Summary: Time well spent.

Douglas Ferguson, London

Martin Always Made Sure I Took Pride In Anything I Achieved…

I came to Martin having failed my test several times previously years ago due to nerves. His calm teaching style and excellent sense of humour really helped me to build confidence and enjoy driving. He really put me at ease and before I knew it driving was actually fun!I passed my test first time this time round and it has changed my life. I cannot recommend Martin strongly enough as a driving instructor and has many years of experience in all aspects of driving and driver training so there is no situation he cannot help you through.Martin has endless patience and is always a calming and positive influence.Martin always made sure I took pride in anything I acheived and it has done wonders for my confidence behind the wheel and in other aspects of my life.Martin is a truly fabulous driving instructor and I would urge you to book your lessons with him. I would also suggest you get the driving test nerves disk as it really helped on the day too!

Jennie Whitehead, Reading

Shown How To Trust Your Judgement and Instincts…

I felt the need to get myself on the road, at 24 I started to convince myself that I’d never get driving and I’d left it too late.With previous instructors I was never comfortable behind the wheel, within minutes of my first lesson with Martin I began to feel confident, relaxed and for the first time i felt like I could drive.Martin had complete confidence in my ability before I did, I think this really helps if your a little nervous or you’ve had bad experiances with other instructors.I have had lessons with two other instructors, both seemed to have little patience and often lost there cool when I made a mistake. Martin has the ability to remain calm, polite and is always very patient and understanding. Obviously being a learner driver, you’re going to make mistakes, but with Martin you not afraid to make them.With Martin you don’t just learn how to pass your test or learn any silly techniques, instead you learn to ‘drive’ and you’re shown how to trust your own judgement and instincts.Martin, I can’t thank you enough. Thanks again.

Charlie G, St Mary Bourne

Feeling Much More Confident…

Although I have only had 3 lessons with you, I feel so much more relaxed and confident than I ever did in the 20 lessons I had with my previous instructor.

Mrs G P, Newbury

…An Absolutely Perfect Instructor…

I still have a grin from ear to ear. Thank you so much for being just an absolutely perfect instructor, am going to miss our lessons and all the insights you gave me on my journey. I am really grateful for all your kind words and the confidence you gave me to pass.

.Amanda Harris, Thatcham

You’re a Superstar at teaching me to drive. My previous instructor just used to criticise, and my partner keeps picking on my driving, but you always explain everything so clearly so it’s easy to understand and master

Amanda Gill, Thatcham

…Professional And Friendly And You Inspire Confidence…

I cannot thank you enough for the driving lessons and giving me confidence to be a good driver. I’d highly recommend your services to any learner driver. You are professional and friendly and you inspire confidence which is priceless. Having had lessons with another driving school before I found you I have something to compare your lessons with and realised what a waste of time and money it was and what a shame I haven’t found your school sooner. Many many many thanks.

Daria, Reading

…I Even Showed My Instructor That My Hands Weren’t Even Shaking This Time…

I would recommend Martin to anyone who is wants to learn to drive.After failing twice before. He gave me the Driving Test Nerves CD [ www.TestNerves.co.uk ]. It really did help me to relax and stay focused.On the day of my driving test I actually looked forward to taking it because I felt so relaxed and confident that I would pass. I even showed my instructor that my hands weren’t even shaking this time and I didn’t have a knot in my stomach like last time, but I felt really relaxed and confident. The diagrams were really awesome too, because I used to get a bit confused before And this time I PASSED my driving test.

Joe, Lambourne

…Taught So Many Useful And Practical Things That My Previous Instructors Never Mentioned…

Martin taught so many useful and practical things that my previous instructors never mentioned. He gave me a CD with all the manoeuvre diagrams and step-by-step instructions which made them really easy to understand.

Josh, Reading

Comment made by successful pupil on Pass Plus Lesson…

The first time that I went out driving by myself in my own car I thought that I’d be nervous and that I’d crash. I was wrong on both accounts.Your superb instruction has taught me not just to plan ahead and avoid dangerous situations but also to be confident in my own driving abilities.

Chris Pritchard, Thatcham

From Day One Of Having Driving Lessons With You I Felt Confident In Your Teaching And That I Would Be Safe…

From day one of having driving lessons with you I felt confident in your teaching and that I would be safe if I were to make a mistake. You enabled me to quickly learn all of the manouvers with uncomplicated, easy to pick-up techniques.Even though I had another instructor that was good, you aimed your teaching a lot more at driving in general rather than just merely passing my test and repeatedly driving the same test routes, meaning I can now drive on all types of road.I also found my last instructor patronising when I made a mistake though you would never laugh at or get cross with me, but merely stay calm and friendly, and explain to me what went wrong and how I could improve.Had I had lessons soley with my other instructor, I can’t see myself passing first time!All my friends thought I was being too ambitious hoping to pass in the space of time I wanted to, and I’ve managed to prove them all wrong!

Georgina Thomas, Peasemore

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