Why Choose Us

Nervous Pupils a Speciality!

I Will Teach You To ‘DRIVE’ and ALL that this entails….not merely to Pass Your Driving Test!

No Tears Instruction…

…Confidence is as Important as Ability!

“I Will Quickly and Easily Build Your Driving Confidence…and Competence!”

I Specialise in Teaching Nervous Pupils.

I can and – perhaps more importantly – will immediately put you at your ease, to ensure that your learning experience is a Happy, Pleasant and Successful one. You will be taught to drive at your own personal rate of learning ability, to master the skills needed to be a safe and competent driver, ultimately resulting in your success in attaining your full driving licence at the earliest opportunity.

Many pupils come to me after feeling that they are not making enough progress with their previous instructor. Often they have had 20 or 30 lessons and have either not been taught, or practised any of the 4 required manoeuvres. With me, I would expect to have taught you all 4 manoeuvres within 6-12 lessons depending on your own personal ability.

My main aim is to get you up to, and beyond, driving test standard competency as soon as you are able, and in fewer driving lessons, thus saving you time and money.

Fully Qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor

I am a fully qualified, Professional, very experienced, friendly and very patient Driving Instructor, which means that I have come across and have an easy solution to every learning to drive problem you may encounter. (*more details below)

Ask Questions

You will be taught in a friendly, patient but professional way. I welcome as many questions as you feel you need to ask. There is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question. What is obvious to you may not be obvious to someone else and vice versa, so ask whatever you want and I will happily provide all the answers.

Simplified Manoeuvres

I will show you the easiest and simplest methods to master each of the manoeuvres easily and very quickly (most of my pupils are shocked how easily and quickly they master them, often in just one lesson). Some instructors appear to make these seem very complicated. I will demistify this for you to make it much easier for you to master in a much shorter time, thus saving you spending more money on extra lessons. Everything I teach you is approved for your driving test.

Detailed Explanations

If you are unsure or don’t understand any aspects of your driving lesson, I will draw a simple diagram(s) to explain the aims of what we are trying to achieve. I also have a birds-eye view of the local major roundabouts and junctions in the Newbury area downloaded onto my iPad which shows the lanes and markings. We can draw onto these roundabout diagrams and re-enact any situation. In addition my driving tuition car is fitted with front and rear dash-cams. This enables us to review footage, pause, rewind and discuss. I can also edit and send video clips to your phone or email from my car.


I do not rant and rave, for the simple reason that I believe that none of my students make any mistakes on purpose. If you do make a mistake, I consider that you have either not quite understood what is required, so I will kindly rephrase the instruction. Or perhaps you have not yet mastered the required or necessary technique, which probably means that we need more practise in that particular skill.

* My Teaching Experience

I have been teaching since August 1974 (I was very young when I started…) which is over 43 years. Because of my vast experience I have devised several very simple methods to overcome not only common problems which concern most learner drivers, but also the less common problems too. (Check out ‘Testimonials’)

I spent the first 8 years working for various driving schools in London, Plymouth, Cornwall and Belfast. I have spent over 30 years operating my own driving school, including my own multi-car school in London.

Besides teaching learner drivers on public roads, I have also taught pre-17′s off-road on specially constructed driving areas. I also have vast experience in Advanced driving tuition, Company Driver assessment, Skid-Control to Motor-Racing students (I used to race saloon cars at Brands Hatch) the Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance service, including anti-hi-jack techniques to American Embassy staff, Karting to race standard (in his final year my son came 4th in the British Indoor Karting Championship just before graduating to outdoor karting), I.A.M (Institute of Advanced Motorists) groups, off-road 4×4 in the Mercedes M Class, Toyota Landcruisers and Rav4′s.

You may have also seen me on one of the Sky channels in “Police, Camera, Action!” or on Police Stop 2! video . I used to have a video camera in my car so that we could analyse any mistakes or situations which had been missed by my pupils. After a while I started to notice the silly things that other drivers around us were doing and decided to compile them on to video. When the first Police Stop video was launched I contacted the producer and he decided to use some of the clips from my videos. You will probably recognise various parts of Newbury, Thatcham and Greenham Common.

If you want to get a copy of the video from ebay just click this link: Police Stop 2! video


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    Private in-car lessons

    Very patient, very calm, caring, sensitive, relaxed, positive, motivational, friendly and very professional and uncomplicated driving tuition

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    FULL Driving Licence

    You will be helped to attain your FULL Driving Licence MUCH SOONER than you may think possible…!

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    Personal instruction

    You will be treated as an individual, and not taught the same as my previous pupil or my next pupil. Your lesson will be tailored to your OWN personal, individual requirements…