Automatic cars: The future of driving

There’s no denying that automatic cars are on the rise, for the first time ever, the sales of automatic cars have outsold the sales of manual cars in the UK.

Over the next couple of decades, the government is aiming to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles – which means manual cars will start being phased out. Instead, electric and hybrid automatic cars will be taking over the road. 

We can all be hesitant to change sometimes. When everyone has traditionally learnt to drive on manual vehicles, we may feel we should do the same. It might be that you worry you won’t be as ‘good’ of a driver if you learn just on automatic. Or perhaps that your driving options will be limited going forward.

But the reality is, automatic driving is the future – and there’s a whole host of benefits that it brings to you as a learner, and for when you become a qualified driver. 

Here’s just a glimpse into the benefits of learning to drive on an automatic car:

Pass your test sooner

Whether you need to learn to drive quickly, or just don’t want to wait any longer to get out on the road, learning on an automatic can get you driving independently sooner. Without needing to spend time mastering clutch control and gear changes, you’ll learn how to drive and pass your test quicker – which could also save you money on lessons in the long run. Common factors that contribute to failing the driving test, such as struggling after stalling the car or not being in the right gear, will no longer be a worry.

“I changed from a manual to an automatic a week before my practical driving test (and still passed first time!).”
– Emily Walker, Thatcham, 13th June 2021

Safer driving

In an automatic car, you don’t have to constantly be thinking about which gear you need to be in. This lets you instead focus more of your attention on what’s going on around you, which lets you be more aware and therefore safer on the road. You also can keep both your hands on the steering wheel rather than having to keep changing gears.

Smoother ride

An automatic gearbox provides a smoother – and quieter – ride that’s all-round more pleasant for you and your passengers. You’ll barely even notice the engine and won’t feel any stuttering, which can also help those who are prone to motion sickness too.

Choice of vehicle

While automatic licences don’t cover manual cars, this truly won’t be an issue going forward. Many manufacturers are only building automatic cars now, and more and more will be doing the same over the coming years. For instance, Toyota no longer makes the Toyota Yaris as a manual – all their cars are now automatic, except  for the smallest car in their range, the Toyota Aygo. And if you want to rent a car, most rentals will also be offering a majority of automatic vehicles too.

Better for the environment

We all need to play our part to be kind to the world we live in and to help leave it in a good state for future generations. Part of this is by reducing our vehicle emissions. And we can do this through driving and purchasing hybrid and electric vehicles – all of which are automatic. As public opinion and government policy continues to lean more towards reducing our carbon footprint, it’s only going to keep moving more towards an automatic driving world.

You can now learn to drive on an automatic car with Acclaim Motor School.

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