Claire O’Halloran – Aldworth

Martin the legend. He is the one to get you through your nerves and your test. What’s amazing is that he teaches you how to drive. A specific difference in technique. I was nervous as you could imagine on the day of the test but I had driven, practised and been through all the mistakes before. On the day in the lead up to the test I made even more mistakes. But the skill to drive it turns out, is built in you through the belief, teaching style and dedication Martin gives you as a student. I’m beyond grateful for his approach and belief I could do it. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found him. Martin you’re only the best instructor there is!! THANK YOU

You’re truely the best there is 🙂

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    Personal instruction

    You will be treated as an individual, and not taught the same as my previous pupil or my next pupil. Your lesson will be tailored to your OWN personal, individual requirements…

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    FULL Driving Licence

    You will be helped to attain your FULL Driving Licence MUCH SOONER than you may think possible…!

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    Private in-car lessons

    Very patient, very calm, caring, sensitive, relaxed, positive, motivational, friendly and very professional and uncomplicated driving tuition