Juliet Clarke – Newbury

Hi Martin, I always think of you on 19/05 because that was the day that I passed my driving test with you – 28 years ago today! I was a very nervous teenager back then so I will always remember how calm and patient you were. It’s so good to see your continuing achievements and success!

I felt a bit out there saying that but now that you and I are both on Facebook it was an opportunity to let you know. I wonder how many other people remember the date they passed their test? (although I think it’s on the driving licence?). 19 proved to be memorable for me as I was 19 and passed on the 19th and my 2 eldest sons were both 19 and passed on the 19th of the month in which they passed their tests too!

So my youngest needs to maintain the pattern but he’s only 17 so we have a bit of time! 😉

I was trying to think back to 1989-1990 last night, I’m sure you had Micra’s maybe a white G reg one? I remember it being really nice and light to drive! Before you, I had lessons early on at 17 with a family friend and then I believe I had at least one lesson with another instructor? (Scottish?). All I can remember is that he was a bit abrupt with me but then you were always so calm. Being a teenager learning to drive was a really big thing for me, I wasn’t ready at 17 which is why I went back to it at 19. Am so pleased that your are still teaching after all this time and I love seeing the success stories on Facebook. Being a driving instructor must be such a challenging thing to do but so rewarding too! All the best for the future! J 🙂

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