Olivia McKay – South Stoke

As I left learning to drive pretty late (22 and never driven a car), I was pretty nervous for my first lesson. Martin however, completely reassured me, took things at my own pace, and calmly explained everything. In 3 months of driving with Martin, not once did he raise his voice, and instead calmly and clearly explained how best to approach different driving situations, and the most straight forward way to carry out reversing manoeuvres. Martin tailors his lessons to individual students, going over areas you lack confidence in, and using diagrams and video footage on his iPad to demonstrate where you may have gone wrong, and what can be done to improve it. I would definitely recommend Martin as a driving instructor, even if you’re not a particularly nervous driver, as he will make the experience considerably more stress-free and simpler than other instructors.

As a side note, if you are learning with Martin and live considerably outside of Newbury, I would seriously consider trying to get a lift or train into Newbury, as practicing on the roads that will be in your test is invaluable. I would also suggest students should take full advantage of Martin’s website, using the practice theory questions and the web links featured to book your test, so you don’t accidentally pay more on a scam website.

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    Personal instruction

    You will be treated as an individual, and not taught the same as my previous pupil or my next pupil. Your lesson will be tailored to your OWN personal, individual requirements…

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    FULL Driving Licence

    You will be helped to attain your FULL Driving Licence MUCH SOONER than you may think possible…!

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    Private in-car lessons

    Very patient, very calm, caring, sensitive, relaxed, positive, motivational, friendly and very professional and uncomplicated driving tuition